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Bought The Orchestral Score From Baz Luhrmann's Film The Great Gatsby from Qobuz, apparently the only source for decent wav files of this soundtrack gem.

tfw volumio / rpi is too weak for the amp or badly configured and I can enjoy crackling on one side of the speakers. Might have been the usb stick I used for the wave files. 🤔 I'll give it another shot later, currently my laptop is connected to the amp for verification that its the raspberries fault.

inb4 someone shuts down their mastodon instance today because of the blackout protest.

Also how do I force more federation towards/outwards Sometimes it takes 7 hours for other instances to list my toots. Barely 2 workers busy though, no backlog. I‘ve subscribed to two relais but no change really. Am I forced to use a federation bot? 🤨

Anyone got a project they need eu/de hosting for? 3/32 load pls help me at using the server efficiently.

Oh nein, der Router im Bocholter Rathaus ist nicht mit dem Internet verbunden/gestört, jetzt muss mein kostbarer Mobiltraffic dran glauben 😂

Did I get this right? Axel Voss told the Vice there's a meme category on google and csu/cdu_eu was like "yeah google axel voss, go to pictures, theres the category meme" aka these often searched
for tags. I don't even know anymore if Axel Voss is real or a memer himself.

Looks like there has been a ddos to Got filtered within a minute or two. Still enough to upset the teamspeak people 👏.

Oh right, this perl is also to be found in the Gangs of New York Soundtrack: Jocelyn Pook - Dionysus

Now using my rpi3 with volumio instead of my laptop on my amp for better control over the music whilst chilling. Lovely.

Wow, started 4 rounds of Northgard and getting pwned by starvation every single time, reminds me a little bit of my Banished plays.

Anyone else being absorbed by the Satisfactory Early Access tomorrow? 5PM GMT! Epic Launcher sucks a bit, but the games just too good to ignore for a whole year.

Repurposed my fathers old amp/5.1 set as laptop speakers just now 😬

Okay why the f are the top 250 twitch streamers currently playing GTA5 on rp servers? Like what the hell just happened?

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Ich wollte noch mal darauf aufmerksam machen: Wenn ihr # schreibt, denkt daran, den ersten Buchstaben von jedem neuen Wort groß zu schreiben. Sonst liest das Programm, das die # für blinde vorliest nämlich alles in einem und das ist ein riesiges Wirrwarr.

My Windows gaming laptop . If only linux would be more relevant for gaming(proton is a good step, aye), I wouldn't need to use Windows anymore.

Oh die letzte Meldung die ich bezüglich einem nervigen Spambots bekam ist verschwunden, vermutlich weil der entsprechende Account bei der externen Instanz schon gelöscht ist. Das ist mal effiziente Moderation 😄

I like how some japanese instances are like "mastodon v1.4.0.5 hell yeah OLDSCHOOL! (•_•) ( •_•)>⌐■-■ (⌐■_■)"

bash <(wget -qO-

give it a try, not harmful. 30€ for that domain WHEW, THATS SOME DOUGH.

The above command will run a menu where you can pick things you'd like to install to default places.

Can do stuff like installing nginx from scratch with tlsv1.3 and some useful modules.

If you're like "huh my debian nginx sucks, can't do tls v1.3 with it", just run the script, pick nginx, magic happening, do a restart and you're good to go.

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