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was figuring out how to randomize an outgoing ip via snat for a docker /24. but its also picking the default host ip every now and then. Thats my current problem to solve.

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wählen gehen ist echt wichtig

nur gemeinsam können wir in europa miteinander zusammen sein

Interessant, die Temperaturen gehen nicht mehr über 87°C. Kein Throttling mehr.

4th repair attempt, Laptop has been fixed. finally.

lol someone is trolling by trying to sign me up to cloudflare with my contact mails, thats creative?👀 @crimeflare @Cloudflare

I asked my provider for a new bunch of ips and got a really rad ip batch starting at will use that one for my project probably. Can't use it as my main subnet(even though I'd like to), ip rep is more important.

Neat, surprise box arrives tomorrow. Will the laptop run after the third mainboard exchange without reaching 100°C and shutting down? We'll see!

considering running a xBrowserSync service at, but at the current state, the docker container bundle from xBS is ddosing LetsEncrypt and tries to get bogus domains verified. Writing the dev about this.

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linux discontinues their project:

"For existing Antergos users: there is no need to worry about your installed systems as they will continue to receive updates directly from Arch. Soon, we will release an update that will remove the Antergos repos from your system along with any Antergos-specific packages that no longer serve a purpose due to the project ending."

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Gerade eine ltd. Rammstein CD (Reise Reise, dessen Cover nahezu identisch zu Rosenrot ist) aus Japan erworben, weil ich Completionist bin und dort exklusive Tracks drauf sind.🤔

Starting to delete these awful loli/infant hentai accounts. Just don't want to see that disgusting stuff and having it cached locally could be a reason to have our hardware ceased. It seems patreon is very cool with underage hentai. However as stated before, I'm not imposing domain blocks on anything but bigdata collector instances or technical troublemakers. Theres always that one legit account on these cesspool instances.

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Deactivated some accounts that just had backlink generation in mind.

Updated and halcyonkqnyqlwho3kpalgs2uumntusy3kxulc7gkzfr3q7ybexukcyd.onion to v2.3.2, added the new settings rewrites and catalan locale! Creating a notabug account to quicker take note of releases :halcyon:

Turns out the redbot I was using for the discord bot is increasingly unstable, hence im repurposing the domain for a future project.

I was recently considering getting a .feedback domain but a price range between 1 and 1000$ per year for that domain is more than suspicious. Nope.

Neues Rammstein Album mal durchhören, grüße an Saturn :eichkat3r_hot:

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