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Looking for reliable (ddos protected, daily backup) and fast (64x3,3GHz, 4x1tb nvme ssds, 128g ddr4 ram, 1 gbit conn) Nameservers in Germany?

And that for free, with dyndns and low TTL?

Then have a look here:

On registration, you'll be given a long password with which you can manage or delete the zonefile. Alternatively you can add a mail on registration to be able to have your zonepassword recovered.

Todo: A design, more flexible Zonemanagement and automated DNSSEC!

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I am paying good money for this instance for good service quality and I'll not let you plaster it with advertisement of shady websites, stop trying already.

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Should I start one caddyserver per IP or put all IPs on one caddyserver instance? Looking at how delicate caddy seems to be I'm tending towards one instance per IP.

Es ist beschlossene Sache. Ich fuchse mich ein wenig in die caddy2 json-syntax ein und wechsle dann alles langsam rüber, sodass ich im besten Fall zu Neujahr komplett auf caddy2 bin. Mein erstes Ziel ist es, halcyon auf caddy2 überzusetzen, da es annährend so interessante rewrites hat wie mastodon :schmusekadser: .

@nipos Hab die IP rep datenbank abgeschafft. fail2ban langt. Sorry für die Unterbrechungen.

Interesting, I've set onto caddy2 and it seems that somehow the rewrites are still working as intended.

First caddy version I use has a bug causing caddy to add a :0 to php-fpm unix socket directive aka unix socket php is broken currently.

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Hm okay people raiding russian nginx site. Great. So where do I get a comprehensive list on config directives for caddy2? It seems that all there is currently is old fashioned caddyfile config parameters.

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uspol meme, cursed 

Okay so I have correctly set my spf header to only alow my IP on sending stuff, the correspondent mail server recognizes that this IP is wrong and denies it. But why the hell am I getting the denial mails still :(. Its like ddossing my mailbox right now.

Mal gut das ich es in 2 von 3 Fällen nicht hinbekomme mit Halcyon custom emojis zu verschicken, werden mir in Halcyon zwar angezeigt, aber sobald ich sie poste sind sie nur der emojitext. :eichk4tchu:

Mies, jetzt bin ich dazu gekommen, meinen Archer C7v5 zum Freifunkrouter zu flashen, da funktionierts einfach nicht :(. FF_OFFLINE_freifunk-iejide (huch schleichwerbung xd)

Oh der Freifunk sysupgrade flash funzt nicht so recht :(. Eigentlich einen empfohlenen Router gepickt mit dem Archer C7, hänge aber seit ner halben Stunde auf 0% progress 😒

Had the slightest hope that they wouldn't go overboard with the skins on cod mw, oh was I wrong.

reward for best early access game goes to guild 3, attempted to change language, made my laptop freeze as hard as possible. No reaction for 10min and taskmgr not working. Great. updated, unfiltered hashtag trending, updated, showing domain blockades on about site.

Wow okay, had some weird ass network downtime. Not sure what happened but ports like 22 and 53 went unreachable out of nowhere. I suspect that virbr0 from virt-manager had something to do with it. After having it run for a while suddenly all connections dropped. Well. Thats now gone.

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