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Neat using cloudflare argo tunnel on a browsergame just to have it break down once a week. Great tech there, cloudflare. Had to delete the cname entry from the argo tunnel via curl delete api call, as it was nondeletable on the control panel.

Happy "forget about that Hetzner switch maintenance in early morning schedule and freak the hell out on the servers networks going down" day. Ieji was hence unavailable between 04:52-5:02 CET and is back. Too bad I forgot to pause monitoring sms which now acted as an early alarm clock 😱 .

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Ton of ranting and shouting about weird Linux ramusage Show more

The instance is back, some things worked out badly. Like my internet going down twice within updating the instance. Sorry for the brief downtime.

Also checking the StableBit programs. Windows only which is kinda bugging me. But still good stuff. Basicly fuse for windows.

Fallout 76 bought. Cause im bored otherwise.

Got 67 Domains running. Gonna cut back a bit 😂

@Sir_Boops hello there, just a quick notification, are you aware that your onion links for the mastodon instance and github are dead 😯?

@rtfm Bienvenidos a la instancia, disfruten su estancia!

Updating this instance on the night of friday to saturday 2am CET.👌

Was about to say "I'll wait for a non rc version to upgrade to" and then I learned that 2.6.1 was released apparently on the same date as 2.6.0 and the rc4 version🤔. Updating soon, after my hand stopped bleeding😂.

Haha. Never aggressively clean Coca Cola glasses. Nice lil hole and slashes in my hand now.

I took note of apache guacamole. Tried installing. SO. MANY. ERRORS. First of all, the current production version only supports gcc6. Second error (after using github version 1.0.0) is that it uses avcodec_register_all which is deprecated on ffmpeg4>. WELL PLAYED I GUESS.

Two new domain aquired, short domain for warcraft 3 reforged) and german fanpage for yet another battle royale game, but with interesting ideas.

I'm impressed that is still in the streaming market. Gonna give it another 14d trial testing.

Wow. Webserver running on kernel 4.14, iptables decided to go nftables, kernel 4.14 doesn't know how to speak nftables, docker/mailcow can't (re)start. Rebooted webserver to 4.18, works now. Thanks for that bs?

Installed Malwarebytes on my friends PC. Tons of PUP alerts rising up. All IObit crap. Well played.

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