I‘ve just read a message where someone uses they/them instead of a gender. Okay, I don’t really mind which pronounciation or genderspecification you choose or if staying neutral. But „they/them“ plain hurts while reading as it is also used to mark multiple persons in a text so I have to wage, based on reading the text if a group or a single person is mentioned in it. I‘d appreciate something like xe, that might need some exercise to get it, but it isn’t messing around as much as they/them imho..


"singular they" is not a new thing.

"In a corpus of spontaneous speech collected in Australia in the 1990s, singular they had become the most frequently used generic pronoun. Similarly, a study from 2002 looking at a corpus of American and British newspapers showed a preference for they to be used (rather than generic he or he or she) as a singular epicene pronoun."
"The Oxford English Dictionary traces singular they back to 1375"

@zalandocalrissian hm, I would get it that people pick it in conversations, but as text it just seems inconvenient. Probably based on if the amount of people has been previously made very clear of, right? Like starting with: „They crossed the river“, that has to feel irritating referring to a single person.

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