Heres a reminder that I have a Halcyon Interface set up at , pro as in im throwing a ridiculous amount of resources at this lightweight interface, to give the best possible experience. dedicated ipv4/6 ddos protected, 1 php7.3 thread per cpu thread(64), 8G DDR4 RAM mem limit, tls1.3 0-rtt, http2_push and no ip logging, plus a tor v3 link( halcyonkqnyqlwho3kpalgs2uumntu ) give it a try if you haven't tried :halcyon:Halcyon yet!

@SolSoCoG Looks good but I am liking the tweetdeck style interface. Do you use the Halycon interface?

@SolSoCoG On second thought, I might use this. It looks slick 😀

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