Imagine making a reskin of Discord and naming it Teamspeak 5 :eichk4tchu:

@SolSoCoG I think this project is very good.Well,it's still proprietary for-profit bullshit but at least you can host it on your own server and it looks like they care about privacy.Nothing can be worse than Discord.And they have really the chance to achieve something while the cool open source projects are not popular enough for use by big masses.

@nipos yea they do make a compatibility layer for ts3-esque voice servers, all else will be the same as discord minus cloudflare kinda, if you dont have a ts3 server

@SolSoCoG They still allow to setup own independent servers for their new version so centralization won't be a problem.And my problem with Discord isn't Cloudflare but they're renting their servers at Google which is the worst choice you can make 👎

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