Promoting Upcloud, my new provider! 

If you use digitalocean or whatever to host your instance, go check out where I'm moving to. Upcloud. (ref link, if you top up 10$, I'm getting 50$ and you get an additional 25$ credits)

It is incredible. A 5$ cloud machine already outperforms my 400€ machine in terms of iops and especially networking, haven't seen such flawless and incredible network speeds in a decade. I nearly instantly download with my homes max speed, no build up.

@SolSoCoG Maybe the network speed is fast but 1GB RAM and 25GB disk storage is a joke.You couldn't run a Mastodon instance for a few months there,media cache will fill it all up.That reminds me once more that own hardware was a great decision.200 euro once,then free forever (except DSL and energy),32GB RAM and 200GB RAID HDD.


@nipos yeah of course the 5$ one isn't sufficient. Just that it outperforms my rented dedi in network and iops. The offer includes redundancy and 100% uptime sla

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