Saw Mastodon switching to Exoscale DNS. And I'm like "Wow, I'd have to pay like 50€ for 100 zones over there". Yeah except for south africa and deeper asian/us regions I have comparable resolution speeds for 30€. Plus I can run at least a thousand zones on mine without any sweating or noticeable speed degradation.
Why are dns services in most cases so expensive? Is it time for me to offer 5 cent per zone dns hosting? 🤔

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@SolSoCoG Yeah, and are surely Exoscale nameservers 😆 (Source: ) But DNS really doesn't need to be expensive.I'd never use such a offer like Exoscale.There's a free DNS service included when buying a domain almost always.Alternatively you can use Cloudflare DNS or Yandex DNS for free without any limits.And yes,I know you're not a big fan of Cloudflare but their DNS can also be used without using the content delivery network.

@nipos yeah from what I've heard they're thinking about switching to that because it looks like Cloudflare doesn't like for caching too much, producing 2 digits terrabytes of traffic 😁

@SolSoCoG Last time I checked disabled the CDN service for the files subdomain,now it's active again.But using Cloudflare for DNS only would always be a free option.For caching it may be better to switch to ,a cheap CDN service which is billed per usage so there's no hard traffic limit.

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