I'm telling amazon that they obviously have a problem with one of their payment systems or at least displaying it is bugged, all I'm getting from their chat is "all good here, no open payments" even though their payment system is displaying something like "F***ING PAY UP ALREADY YOU DIP****!" to me. :schmusekadser:

@Nut oh and on a sidenote I was told I have a bill from 2012 of 4,10€ open.🎅 I kiiiiinda doubt that.

@Nut idk, on the end window I pressed that my problem wasn't solved, I was put to a "enter phone number we'll call you" page, which also didn't work and no call happened. weird

@Nut probably dns poisoning, fake amazon support page. :crychkat3r: brb changing amazon password😂

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