Now full-time Linux user. Finally ditched Windows out of my home. HOWEVER it's not completely gone from my sight. I still have that cloud pc with beefy hardware running windows(os not changeable) for gaming, but only for gaming, well and maybe to use my adobe license until its gone.

@SolSoCoG Very good decision πŸ‘ Will you miss the bugs? πŸ˜†


@nipos hell no I don't!πŸ˜— I even found a deb package that fixes the problem with the stock nvidia driver so I can use the cloud pc and my local gpu, very cool. I remember back when I was in school I was given a ubuntu, back when ordering ubuntu cds for free was a thing. In fact it was the first cd, found a picture of it, kinda wish i had not loose it. Of course back then I was like "and how am i gonna play games with this?" and forgot about it until i started with using debian vpses for websites

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@SolSoCoG That's a cool story.I came to Linux much later when ISO downloads were available already instead of DVDs.It was preinstalled on a used laptop that had Windows 7 in the description.But I'm happy that I got it with Linux.I don't know if I ever tried it if that Laptop did arrive with Windows 7 as expected.

@nipos well indeed a nice mistake, right? I have to correct myself, this right here is the version I got, 5.10 from 2006, not 4.10 from 2014, feeling less old now πŸ˜…

@SolSoCoG @nipos

It's a good move.

I'm from the time when you switched on the computer and you were presented with a command line interpreter and blinking cursor, so when a friend gave me a set of intstall floppies for Debian Hamm I was like damn!.. free *nix, YEAH.. then spent the next 3 days working out how to get X working.

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