Still have a lot to do but i'm kinda missing energy for that, halcyon, my game sub project, maybe a public onionshare which will lead me to prison. What I'm not doing anymore is nitter because it drops segfaults like there is no tomorrow and searx, that basicly crushed my last ip reputation to "possible botnet". What im considering is switching from haproxy tcp tunnel to traefik https tunnel but creating a LE acc for every domain messes with their rate limiting.

@SolSoCoG Nitter works great on the GGC Project server.Any idea what may cause the segfault?I doubt that it's the code...


@nipos debian 10, screen, ./nitter behind nginx and it segfaults at least once every couple of hours

@SolSoCoG We're running Debian 10,too but Nitter runs as systemd service and behind Apache but that shouldn't make any difference in the behaviour of Nitter itself.

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