started , public dns server. Provider has filters in place and I have set rate limits.

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@SolSoCoG What happened to DoeDNS?That could maybe help me to move further away from Cloudflare.For the sort of DNS on the new service,I don't have any use case currently.

@nipos ah yes, when I switched to Windows for a while my scripts behind it were obsolete, have to uncover these again. doedns is still in use for my domains though. For now, if you'd like, you could send me zonefiles to drop into the coredns zone folders.

@SolSoCoG Do you support CNAME Flattening?One of my domains needs a CNAME and a MX Record at the top level which wouldn't work without Flattening if I understand Cloudflare correctly?

@nipos just added cname flattening with the alias plugin :eichk4tchu:

@SolSoCoG Thank you very much.I'll try that for some of my domains tomorrow.Unfortunately I can't migrate all because Mastodon needs a Cloudflare-powered subdomain for the Streaming API Websocket :( Is flattening active for everything or can it be enabled on a per-subdomain base.As this might prevent BunnyCDN from selecting the nearest server location,I'd prefer to only use CNAME flattening when there's really no alternative.The new ANAME record type in your link is very interesting btw.

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