whats the difference between ipv4 and ipv6 exhaustion when a single server gets like a billion ipv6 addresses 👀


i dont like ipv6. it just made things a lot more complicated for no reason.

@mk i agree. had a /48 add to my server but haven't figured out how to make proxmox use these even 😬 just wanted a lot of c0ffee adresses


- in proxmox create a network bridge with your physical nic
- create another network bridge with no physical connection
- create a new virtual machine, install pfsense and give it both networks (physical nic is wan the other one is lan)

- go to hetzner (or whereever your server is hosted) and link the ipv6 network to the mac-address of your pfsense-wan-interface.

- in pfsense install haproxy and acme
- manually create ipv6 addresses
- create haproxy frontend and add ipv6 addresses


#howto #proxmox #pfsense #dhcp

1. create new vms using the LAN-Network-interface of your pfsense (the on without physical nic)

2. configure the dhcp server on the pfsense

3. create static mappings for the lan interface in your DHCP server

4. start vm, install os, install your apps (docker is very nice as software backend)

@mk thats probably one way to do it but not my way, not a fan of *SDN* from within a vm, but thanks for the detailed explanation!


yeah well i rented those two servers at hetzner for 30bugs/machine/month xD they didn't include switches and routers xD

i actually like having everything in a machine and mirror everything via zfs replication to another machine..its easy to migrate stuff around and make desaster recoveries.


also less hardware (power supplies) to die and easy to access everything

@mk yes I agree in that case sdn is way better. I first tried vmware esxi and I asked "how the hell is networking happening here I got one ipv4 subnet" besides people ranting like "omfg who hired you to do esxi stuff" there was one SDN answer and i was like brb using proxmox. it did flawlessly work with just ipv4 but v6 tells me unreachable. Got a ipv6 sage shirt from HE and it feels weird to suck at ipv6 now👀

@sexybiggetje ikr, but its actually a septillion addresses. but from what i've read even with these completely overkill /48 subnets given to servers there are still enough of these to give around 4000 /48 nets to every person on the planet😂

Overcomplicating things a bit, but sure someone felt the need for it

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