I'm impressed. I've just dumped ubuntu for manjaro, thinking "oh boi archlinux, 90% off the stuff probably isn't gonna work" and it turns out everything works even better than on ubuntu xD.

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@SolSoCoG Why do people always think Arch doesn't work? :O It works really good.In fact it's so stable that I can even use it on my servers.

@nipos quite some progs I used were from aur, had a bad server history on failing to boot after aur usage😂. Besided that, most progs are like: "we aim to support ubuntu, everything else might work if you're lucky." and then it works even better🐸.

@SolSoCoG I use most programs from normal repositories on my servers but also never had bigger problems with stuff from AUR.On computers,I often try things from AUR,most times they work,sometimes they don't,but they never broke my system.And I think the bigger problem is the mess you have with thousands of unofficial repositories on Ubuntu.I know that from a Debian server where it's similar.apt-get update calls about ten different servers.

@nipos thats true. default repo + aur is all you need really which is a plus. Tbh i think using arch everywhere would be beneficial for me. But I like to keep things WELL, very well, tested when it comes to critical infrastructure. Created made do you think philm would be interested to know about it? Gud 10gbit mirror?

@SolSoCoG Most projects like to get some new mirrors.Tell them about it,maybe they want to add it to their mirrorlist.

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