I will add a yggdrasil address to but I guess as soon as a specific link is clicked it will go back to clearnet. welp. Still not a big fan of I2P so I'll skip adding that.

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I2p is life. Why are you no fan? I still need to setup eggdrasil and zeronet on my site, but does do gopher, i2p and tor 😅

@sexybiggetje i never really got the .i2p domain stuff to work and it just created mindboggling amounts of traffic 🤔

@sexybiggetje btw if you want a quick glimpse of yggdrasil, i created 3 bridges to major informational services.

@sexybiggetje i actually went and got myself is currently in the nimbus as my domainprovider has a rare bug that if you update the ns server prior to final registration, it bugs out.). My attempt to start i2p reseed ended in "Rebuilding su3 cache...
panic: runtime error: invalid memory address" well shit.

Auch. I'm not familiar with the reseed stuff but maybe @konrad might know something

@sexybiggetje @konrad yeah idk maybe I'll just enjoy being a high speed point. :crychkat3r:

@sexybiggetje I remember why i didn't like i2p, its slower than tor, even when I have a decent uptime and half a gbit of shared bandwidth.

That's true, but efforts on improvements to that have been made. But it also needs a bigger network

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