Outline VPN ist wohl mit die schlechteste shadowsocks implemention die es aktuell gibt. 12KB/s bis 6,6MB/s peak, bei ner 400mbit <-> 1000mbit Anbindung.

A flowerpot, made out of metal and painted over. How much? 268€. Why do people have the need of burning money :crychkat3r: ?

Well interesting, a purchase I never did from a while ago. Looks like I got to stop using my 500 times leaked password for uncritical services from when I *WAS* too lazy generating random passwords for every site.

Cropping like a boss (woman in undergarment badly photoshopped into a shower) 

thanks moth, I appreciate you for messing with my best piece of wintercloth.

I do get that 89% of *triggered* videos and tweets are originating from the US and all, and I have no idea why that is, but this "no single moviegoers"-policy is a tad too much, isn't it? I'm not mentally ill or easy to "trigger", but I don't really see how depicting a tough time in a movie could spark something really bad. Worse types of real miseries can be seen on tv almost every other day.

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