well hello there, I recommend a block, looks like the admin is encouraging and possibly doing it by theirself.

Habe unserem Hausarzt gerade einen schönen Ruhestand gewünscht, mal schauen wer die Fackel übernimmt.

How to fix a dirty iPhone charging port(and possibly killing it if not careful):

Gerade eine ltd. Rammstein CD (Reise Reise, dessen Cover nahezu identisch zu Rosenrot ist) aus Japan erworben, weil ich Completionist bin und dort exklusive Tracks drauf sind.🤔

Repurposed my fathers old amp/5.1 set as laptop speakers just now 😬

My Windows gaming laptop . If only linux would be more relevant for gaming(proton is a good step, aye), I wouldn't need to use Windows anymore.

@TheKinrar Can I donate a small vps to you for dedicated uptime checks of ieji.de? We seem to be stuck in the bad bunch of checks, and being shown on joinmastodon is besides word of mouth the only advertisement we have, sucks to be excluded there for no reason🥺

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ieji is romaji for 家(house)路(street), together it means "the way home / a home / homeland".

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