Also 14 instances are using the federation relay already, cheers, hope it helps strengthening your federation!

If you want to join in on the fun:

for mastodon sub to:

for pleroma sub to:

Backed by a bored to death threadripper 2990wx👌

tfw the pg_dump was exactly 1000M, well its almost 2am in germany aand gn8 everyone.

Or are "lists" supposed to be the multi tag things.

Okay, reinstall done, 2.7.1, still no idea how multiple tag columns work.

@zalandocalrissian ich hab doch gerade erst einen Hosting Vertrag abgeschlossen ;(. Muss ich Cloudflare wieder davor schalten und verheimlichen in der eu gehostet zu sein?

@tek oh k, wine was a last second throw in(like how are the chances), that was fake news then :p.

If docker would get somewhat usable i‘d be back to FreeBSD.

@tek Same, my problem would be the lack of docker support and probably wine.

Not really happy about setting the instance up fresh once more (+backup of course, paying 25€/m just for off-site Backups) to fix some weird upgrade bug, but I‘ll do it this Friday to Saturday night gmt.

@zalandocalrissian @rysiek

Thanks for tagging, just sent in our info👌🏻. Really don’t want to be bothered by this dumbfounded article 13. Not fond of being forced to move the instance offshore.

meltdown after trying to install vanillaforums, ranting Show more

@zalandocalrissian @OliverUv this is indeed weird. I don't seem to find any settings in the admin area. Maybe something went weird with the big update. I'm considering reinstalling it completely and restoring the db into it.

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@zalandocalrissian hm, I would get it that people pick it in conversations, but as text it just seems inconvenient. Probably based on if the amount of people has been previously made very clear of, right? Like starting with: „They crossed the river“, that has to feel irritating referring to a single person.

I‘ve just read a message where someone uses they/them instead of a gender. Okay, I don’t really mind which pronounciation or genderspecification you choose or if staying neutral. But „they/them“ plain hurts while reading as it is also used to mark multiple persons in a text so I have to wage, based on reading the text if a group or a single person is mentioned in it. I‘d appreciate something like xe, that might need some exercise to get it, but it isn’t messing around as much as they/them imho..

@zalandocalrissian hoppla da hab ich mich ja als richtiger poweruser geoutet 😅 , die Suche geht weiter.

@zalandocalrissian habs gefunden. und zwar klickst auf einen hashtag und dann kannst bei den einstellungen der kolumne (oben rechs des icon) auf anpinnen klicken.

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ieji is romaji for 家(house)路(street), together it means "the way home / a home / homeland".

So we hope to welcome you to your new home in the mastodon fediverse! supports most recent TLS encryption, IPv6 and Tor with an v2 onion address, called iejidevtqqdlukju.onion.

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