I was checking if a .cn domain was available. I like to have my domains spread to several providers. This time I was using netcup. 150€ for one year .cn domain? Should I send a bug report to them or something? usual price range is around 5€. I mean if they wanna do 300% markup for whatever reason OK(afnic domains is like 30€ over there) but that .cn price is insane.

Interesting, I'm one of probably a handful that chooses to use yt premium. Has music included and cobra kai. And an adfree experience. Until I saw half the screen of my tv full of an smartphone ad. what?

Imagine creating software, making a docker-compose out of it and don't do a single test. It references nonexisting folders and just doesn't start up, cool stuff.

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Someone been like: "wtf is this covid-19 map thinking, vatican 1 case, better rename it Holy See instead, don't get inaccurate!"

@vel ich entschuldige mich für die hier dargestellte selbstverständliche Dekadenz :crychkat3r:

Die Schweiz struggled mit Ihrer Bandbreite und ich lad in Duitsland mit 52MB/s die M&B II Bannerlord Beta runter :eichk4tchu:

Outline VPN ist wohl mit die schlechteste shadowsocks implemention die es aktuell gibt. 12KB/s bis 6,6MB/s peak, bei ner 400mbit <-> 1000mbit Anbindung.

After some weird glitched, causing the stats to go to minus 250k, the tracker on chihaya.de breached the 50k mark now. Over 50k tracked torrent files (in the last 3 minutes after which garbage and inactive torrents are collected). In the meantime, noone checked out DoeDNS.de , I'm sure my selfscripted stuff can be to some degree abused so I'm happy and unhappy at the same time that it's unpopular. I did put a sensitive throttle on the api and a captcha on login/registry so that should do it.

I really hate it when I follow installation steps precisely, on a perfect condition linux vm and it just doesn't work and I end up with a messed vm.

@d599f84e stößt bei mir auch auf absolutes Unverständnis.

@Nut probably dns poisoning, fake amazon support page. :crychkat3r: brb changing amazon password😂

@Nut idk, on the end window I pressed that my problem wasn't solved, I was put to a "enter phone number we'll call you" page, which also didn't work and no call happened. weird

@Nut oh and on a sidenote I was told I have a bill from 2012 of 4,10€ open.🎅 I kiiiiinda doubt that.

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