@akshay ostatus was removed from mastodon in october 2019 which also removed GNU Social compatibility afaik. But GNU Social did start using ActivityPub lately, maybe some instances are not up to date and hence don't support ActivityPub yet or haven't configured it?

Kleiner Bonus beim neuen Anbieter: Durchschnittlich binnen 2h bekomme ich eine fachliche, kompetente und respektvolle Antwort auf auftretende Fragen (zuletzt wegen reinstall, haben pxe installer menü, welches ich hier mal anhänge) und die Server laufen mit 100% grünem Strom.

Okay almost everything moved over after only a month of Strato, don't ask me what made me pick that shitshow. Now I've heavily isolated most of the services via kvm vms. And still 20 ips in backhand.

I just noticed that you can ruin someones iPhone by issuing an invalid mailcert. It keeps popping up an invalid cert message basicly every 5 seconds non stop. Please mailcow acme start doing your thing already!

Höret mich an, ESXi ist unnötig verkomplizierender Bullshit, so nutztet bitte proxmox oder was anderes.

(hab mal ESXi getestet, ist wirklich mies)

made irc.ci cus i got that domain laying around. inspircd+the lounge webclient

suspecting that the canonical livepatch puts my ubuntu server into a hardlock. would be pretty amazing. Im booting into rescue mode the 9th time now and removing canonical livepatch.

ENTWEDER die Hardware ist scheiße, oder der Support, in diesem Fall der Support, der mir "haben sie den Server schon neuinstalliert?" reindrückt und auflegt.

WIESO ist hier grub efi und pc installiert?! Scuffed ubuntu image beh

Rip, efi-signed wollte sich nicht installieren jetzt hab ich so lange grub reinstallt und getan bis es nimmer bootet ._.

@nipos debian 10, screen, ./nitter behind nginx and it segfaults at least once every couple of hours

Still have a lot to do but i'm kinda missing energy for that, halcyon, my game sub project, maybe a public onionshare which will lead me to prison. What I'm not doing anymore is nitter because it drops segfaults like there is no tomorrow and searx, that basicly crushed my last ip reputation to "possible botnet". What im considering is switching from haproxy tcp tunnel to traefik https tunnel but creating a LE acc for every domain messes with their rate limiting.

/clap bunq actually managed to fuck up a giropay topup and simply didn't add the amount to my bank account, whoops? Aaaaand the support is slow af.

Wieso macht man solche Papp-Uffrupstreifen auf Pappkartons die man nach 3cm des aufreissens in der Hand hat. Einfach direkt sich sparen.

@nhonigdachs alles gut bin da sehr offen, um hier gesperrt zu werden müsstest du entweder Pornografische Darstellungen Minderjähriger posten oder, beispielsweise, zum Asylheim anzünden auffordern.

@nipos well indeed a nice mistake, right? I have to correct myself, this right here is the version I got, 5.10 from 2006, not 4.10 from 2014, feeling less old now 😅

@nipos hell no I don't!😗 I even found a deb package that fixes the problem with the stock nvidia driver so I can use the cloud pc and my local gpu, very cool. I remember back when I was in school I was given a ubuntu, back when ordering ubuntu cds for free was a thing. In fact it was the first cd, found a picture of it, kinda wish i had not loose it. Of course back then I was like "and how am i gonna play games with this?" and forgot about it until i started with using debian vpses for websites

@absturztaube it was about a mailserver I ran which they had previously ip banned before I was assigned that number.

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