Gerade entdeckt das ich "Premium" bei Bitwarden deaktiviert hatte, obwohl ich die 10$ im Jahr dafür latze. Nun kann der on-premise gehostete Passwordmanager auch TOTP :eichkat3r_hot:.

sometimes I enjoy lightweight free smartphone games. But when these start with a premium offer of 7$ per week first 3 days free, even before any playing happened, I wish that app death and decay and instantly uninstall it.

Consider adding "iptables -A INPUT -p tcp -m tcpmss --mss 1:500 -j DROP" to your iptables, theres a denial of service using SACK-packages to shut down stable linux kernels prior to and including 4.19.28-2, theres no debian kernel update as of now, but the iptables rule above prevents abusing the error. Freebsd is also mildly affected, but isn't shutting down on abuse, just getting slow.

Lol I just rediscovered the files for my "fanpage" I made 4 years ago :eichkat3r_hot:.

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Awesome, the stats page fixed the tls rating and is rocking place 11 with its 8+ engines queried (plus the wikidata stuff) with a+/a+/1,6s rating in comparison to the number one only querying duckduckgo(not even wiki) with 0,7s response. I'd say querying >8 engines with 1s added response time is okay.

Plus got added to the searx instance randomizer with a seemingly perfect rating!🤤

10 minutes after, still getting reports about the spambot in, some sites sure are busy with sending these out.

Oh wow thanks for the 4 reports within 2 minutes, evil bot got banned

@nipos is kinda bad tho, first of all, it's having trouble with multiple tls reports on (/28 subnet) ranking TLS as N/A, secondly its ranking the pages by pure response time, which is of course higher if i query 6-8 search engines instead of just duck duck go.

Got notified that a cooling fan is broken on the server, having it repaired, sorry for the little downtime.

I was like "right there was a 15th anniversary wow collectors edition coming, lets check that out", moments later "oh it went up from 99$ to 250€ on eBay, yep its already sold out". GG.

interesting how well searx puts together a usable result on for example (ad😛). As usual for my sites, I honor the principles of WirSpeichernNicht, means no logs. I wonder if I should put the instance up on the official list.

Hab geraden mal "Naturally High" probiert. Wer einen natürlichen, nach angefaulten Eiern schmeckenden Energydrink mag, dem empfehle ich das Getränk!

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macOS: I can install most minor updates without rebooting

Linux: oh yeah i can kernel patch you fucking baby

Windows: hold my beer…

Still figuring out how to reuse clearnet searx for a hidden onion. Don't like running two searxes with 64 threads and a /28 subnet each. Btw I'm talking about

Also afaik Google is kinda actively blocking searx so I dropped them from the search.

I like how I get to know kinks I didn't knew exist based on the niche instances I see in the federated timeline.

@rtfm I could somewhat read your spanish (yay ~2 month spanish course) and its probably about the shitty fact that anoncoin.i2p somehow uses their clearnet variant and uses a cloudflared captcha page which is more or less broken, right? It's just bad, yes.

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