Decided to push the game Sub Rosa a bit, have been 5 years since I last checked it and it evolved quite a bit. Started 10 servers for the EU community as all I saw so far were NA/SA servers. Called it "" which is german word to word translation for Sub Rosa.:eichk4tchu:

@freemo whew that looks delicious, I'm scheduling cooking some spicy rice for tomorrow.

2.2 GHz cloudservers are convenient since most 5000 core cpus have 2.* GHz but it doesn't seem modern anymore when responsiveness is everything and more and more actively running processes are dependant on high clock speeds. Just checked hostnet and well its another 2.* GHz candidate like DO and I can't even see a way to install something else than FreeBSD. Not really flexible cloudhosting and for the offered cpus it's too expensive.

Nitter crashing became somewhat frequent, so I made a watch script which restarts nitter within 10 seconds once it crashed...

I do get that 89% of *triggered* videos and tweets are originating from the US and all, and I have no idea why that is, but this "no single moviegoers"-policy is a tad too much, isn't it? I'm not mentally ill or easy to "trigger", but I don't really see how depicting a tough time in a movie could spark something really bad. Worse types of real miseries can be seen on tv almost every other day.

So I've set up api calls and bootstrap scripts for several gameservers to cloud services like vultr and upcloud (digitalocean with their shithole 0,2ghz cores(dramatized) sucks for that purpose). Now I need a proper website, will set up later. Got to keep track of timing and payment with it. Hope this endeavour won't fall under their cryptocurrency maxing out cpu is forbidden rule.

@nipos SIGSEGV: Illegal storage access. (Attempt to read from nil?)
tatsache, kann es. okay.

Just had a hosting idea. Setting up and deleting gameservers in the cloud automaticly, so people hosting events/clanmatches/training in multiplayer games on specific time could rent just 4 hours a day or so, so you end up paying a dollar or two to host an event server.

oh nice caddy webserver is going full throttle open source including current enterprise subscription features. and said subscription will be gone aka free for commercial use. that'll open some doors. Aka im renting a cloudserver and giving it a try.

Just found a blog entry listing when I started using specific webservers, mid 2007 to mid 2008 apache, after that I switched to lighttpd (with help of a o'reilly book). In the end of 2009 I've read about high traffic pages using nginx and switched to it. In between I switched back and forth between nginx and hiawatha, since the latter was extremely hardened, however it more or less ceased development so I went back to nginx fully.

@nipos alles klar, it is, dann wirds mal zeit das man invidious auf deb10 nutzen kann :v.

@nipos Binnen 50 Sekunden eine 6stellige onion für nitter generiert. Tor mal wieder neu zu compilen dauert da schon wesentlich länger. nitteruacegiyzybcc2xej3obcti3d läuft, dauerte etwas länger als Freitag, sry.

@nipos oh alles klar, sorry dafür. Nutze für clearnet ein IP-Reputationssystem um Spambots fernzuhalten, blöd aber gut möglich das teilweise tor ips darunter fallen... Spätestens Freitag Abend steht die instanz bin gleich kino👌.

Tfw people make 8 hours long gameplay documentary thread reply chains here and I gotta scroll down for solid 2 minutes to see the next toot. :rauchschwalbe:

I'm really growing tired and worried of seeing these "please wait while we check your browser" cloudflare pages on seemingly serious sites like spamhaus or steamdb.

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