@frumble ich speicher mir musik die ich für erwerbenswert befinde digital auf zwei clouds und analog auf cd 😬. Ansonsten sowas wie dance/elektro indiemusik meistens über streaming

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@fructose_dealer it’s even more enticing when it’s 3$ and 1$! You might want to change to a system where dns is centralized (1984is Amazon azure google for example) but the provider is based on pricing(and maybe the possibility to do dnssec). Saves a lot of money. tld-list.com/tld/fyi

Nope laptop stays dead. Luckily I still got 2 month of guarantee. Luckily it’s encrypted, couldn’t wipe it easily. Backup plan Intel NUC is in effect. Maybe I can play anno1800 on ulow settings. 0ad does just fine.

Wow, was playing anno 1800 then suddenly the laptop went out. Battery LEDs stay dark even plugged in. Not starting anymore. Rip. Hopefully the battery reset button will work magic(urban myth says I gotta wait 5 min). Anyway thanks for the quality product acer. Who the fuck wants a laptop which throttles down to 10fps every now and then. That’s a big design flaw imho, I’d rather have a huge, well ventilated brick than a slim one dying off overheating!

Started a discord bot at hal.cx feel free to use it. Does quite a lot stuff, has an intricate permission system and audio (lavalink)

Just found the Dolby Pro Logic II Setting on my surround system, aka useful stereo to 5.1 conversion, aka what I've been looking for since I plugged in the volumio raspberry. Neat.

Btw, it is not recommended to host tor stuff on like Hetzner or OVH, these are beyond oversaturated locations, having too many nodes clustered at one location is bad practice for anonymity.

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BAWAHAHA ein Hacker hat den "sicheren" Messenger Materix zerlegt. Aber er hat artig ein Ticket für jedes Problem aufgemacht!

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After awhile you're going to be able to tell how long someone's been on the fediverse by the dead instances that are represented in their followers. They'll add up, like fossil layers in the soil. Those quitter.se and boca.lol followers are the fossils that will give us age ranges for the future.

Of all fetishes, ABDL almost disgusts me as much as lolicon does. But hey whatever fits your needs. Welcome abdl.link to our federation TL.

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"We’ve taken down the servers which host Matrix.org and Riot.im for emergency security maintenance - estimated downtime is several hours. More updates as we have them."


See, can't protect your server.
Do it yourself.

@KaptainRio wärmstens zu empfehlen, stellenweise ist die deutsche Synchro etwas weird (z.B. stottert eine Person extrem, nur in der DE synchro), die englische hingegen ist schlichtweg borderline-rassistisch (jeder Character mit dickstem *chinesischen* Akzent) aber ansonsten gut 😀.

The new about page for 2.8 sure looks nice.

Updating Mastodon to 2.8 in about 4 hours (20:00 cest)

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