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Someone was being ballsy. Things are fixed. Sorry for the downtime.

NOT BAD, all of the sudden, mysql was like "ok, 40gb ram, 32gb swap, swapfile ignored, 400gb hdd filled lul". Had to restart for mysql to calm down and free the space. Really weird.

I've been using for over a week and I like it a lot. Give it a try!

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Testing out the Hetzner GPU server with Parsec, works good so far. Good Guy Hetzner has actually put a i7 7700 instead of a 6700 in it.

Okay uniregistry uses AWS for their DNS systems. I will switch back to Don't know why I left there in the first place.

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Oh Liberapay lost it's ability to pay out via Mangopay, only stripe and paypal available, oops?

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Bad news for the European branches of the decentralized web. Not only did #copyrightfilters and the #linktax pass EU Parliament, the Commission introduced new anti-terrorist proposals that would need you to be available 24/7 to police your network for "terrorist content".

It's time to make your voice heard in Brussels. Start with subscribing and following -- the reps for digital rights groups in the EU.

That moment when coaxial network has 26% packet loss and you switch to mobile internet to have at least 16% less packet loss. Thanks Merkel.

Anyone interested in a Darksiders II: Deathinitive Edition Steam Key?

Well okay, I was given a small howto on the relay server topic at the mastodon discord aaand it looks a bit weird to me with no postgresql involved (it reads in the that it should?) and a decent memory leak. Still too early to do relaying, I guess. Let's wait for a month or two.

A question into the fediverse, has anyone dared to set up the prototype relaying server yet?🤔

Hetzner had their usual 15 minutes of messing with the routing today. Sorry for the downtime, was not in our hands.

I've planned using the domain as a relay service for mastodon. However as relaying things are described as prototypes right now, I'll wait a bit until stuff is a bit more stable.

@freemo the cool design I was talking about is now included in 2.5.0 🎊

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ieji is romaji for 家(house)路(street), together it means "the way home / a home / homeland".

So we hope to welcome you to your new home in the mastodon fediverse! supports most recent TLS encryption, IPv6 and Tor with an v2 onion address, called iejidevtqqdlukju.onion or v3 iejideks5zu2v3zuthaxu5zz6m5o2j7vmbd24wh6dnuiyl7c6rfkcryd.onion, Elastic Search Full Text Search is activated, remote media is kept for 7 days, local media indefinitely or until deleted by the user.

Mastodon related services hosted by
Halcyon Interface(v3 onion)
Pinafore Interface
A mastodon/pleroma relay service, feel free to use it at

Now with 100% more :eichkat3r: emojis!

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