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wow that sucks, gotta resize default window size to see processes. In progress of getting mastodon migration ready.

tfw you just paid for a server you are struggling to use it AT ALL, because Linux is hating the cpu. Basicly my installation attempts randomly stops. That surely looks production ready -.-. I'm really starting to get annoyed.

The problem with the Threadripper 2 Linux compatibility is still not solved, whew. Very helpful support at IP Projects though. It aint their fault but they try their best to get it solved, so I can USE the server. Plus I got some money back for the inconvenience.

Well. New server decided to kernel panic while installing the os, SEVERAL TIMES, now 128gb ddr4 ram is being memchecked. gg. I suspect an old bios. The check should be done at some point around now. AKA the transfer is delayed, but in the meantime enjoy some stupid looking page I made, couldn't be bothered to run letsencrypt for now.

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Oh in Germany, you now got to write m/w/d(ivers) on job postings for example, which means male/female/various, otherwise it's a violation of the general equal treatment law 👌

Found a useful relay software at which also works for mastodon relays, so can soon start. so will

Ich hab zuerst mal 1&1 IONOS getestet und tatsächlich hat 1&1 die Supportqualität zum übernommenen profitbricks mitgebracht! 5 Support Tickets und Anrufe getätigt um weitere ips freigeschaltet zu bekommen, 5x hieß es „Ich schalte es für Sie frei.“ Beim letzten Mal plötzlich: „Oh da habe ich keinen Zugriff drauf ich leite es weiter“. Und wurd nix draus. Auch das man mich fragt ob Fedora eine App ist fand ich amüsant. Und mein persönlicher Berater(1/5T gingen an ihn) war Legastheniker. Finger weg.

Soon switching from AMD Ryzen 1700X CPU, 64GB DDR4 RAM, 2x500gb raid1 ssd to AMD Ryzen Threadripper 2990WX CPU, 128GB DDR4 RAM, 4x960gb raid10 nvme ssd. And the award for the most overdimensioned instance hardware goes to Transfer is going to happen this week.

Restarted all processes, should work again now. Sorry for the weird behaviour. Was on vacation.

Neat using cloudflare argo tunnel on a browsergame just to have it break down once a week. Great tech there, cloudflare. Had to delete the cname entry from the argo tunnel via curl delete api call, as it was nondeletable on the control panel.

Happy "forget about that Hetzner switch maintenance in early morning schedule and freak the hell out on the servers networks going down" day. Ieji was hence unavailable between 04:52-5:02 CET and is back. Too bad I forgot to pause monitoring sms which now acted as an early alarm clock 😱 .

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Ton of ranting and shouting about weird Linux ramusage Show more

The instance is back, some things worked out badly. Like my internet going down twice within updating the instance. Sorry for the brief downtime.

Also checking the StableBit programs. Windows only which is kinda bugging me. But still good stuff. Basicly fuse for windows.

Fallout 76 bought. Cause im bored otherwise.

Got 67 Domains running. Gonna cut back a bit 😂

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ieji is romaji for 家(house)路(street), together it means "the way home / a home / homeland".

So we hope to welcome you to your new home in the mastodon fediverse! supports most recent TLS encryption, IPv6 and Tor with an v2 onion address, called iejidevtqqdlukju.onion or v3 iejideks5zu2v3zuthaxu5zz6m5o2j7vmbd24wh6dnuiyl7c6rfkcryd.onion.

Mastodon related services hosted by
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A mastodon/pleroma relay service, feel free to use it at

Now with 100% more :eichkat3r: emojis!

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