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@TheKinrar Can I donate a small vps to you for dedicated uptime checks of We seem to be stuck in the bad bunch of checks, and being shown on joinmastodon is besides word of mouth the only advertisement we have, sucks to be excluded there for no reason🥺

Well well well, look at that, is apparently down again, according to, means it's gone from instance listing. Thanks.🙌

@QOTO hello there, your halcyon page seems to have a quite outdated certificate😅

@halcyon just updated the interface.

Also: I've set (or rather not changed)
youplay = true
vimeo = true
in the config, am I missing something else to make it work?

@aeris hey, fan of your tls testpage, when will TLSv1.3 be included though?😁

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I really hope no instances out there rely on TLS 1.0 or 1.1 🧐
#Tusky will stop supporting TLS 1.0 and 1.1 and start supporting TLS 1.3 with the next major release. 😋
Admins, upgrade your configs 🤓 has been acting up a lil bit since I went like „yea let’s brotli compress everything.“. Not a great idea, went for mostly textfiles to compress now.

@joel_olbrich hab gerade mal versucht jitsi zu starten, beide male dpkg fehler, ob stable oder unstable, sodass mir jitsi-web nicht installiert wird. Auf die manuelle routine habe ich keine lust :P.

Sometimes in midst of the night, I get the urge to check on how FreeBSD is doing on docker and if I can switch yet. I always had a crush on it, it was the OS I tailored my first kernel to my needs on.

Or should I just give Gentoo a spin? These CPU Optimization patches which are not getting added to the kernel sure look tasty. This might be the key on how I can talk to the threadripper cpu...🤔

Then again ain’t nobody got time for that. Ive just freshly set up Debian this year.

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During the time we worked on the new #Halcyon website,three new instances came online.These are:
- administrated by @james
- administrated by @SolSoCoG
- administrated by @sajith
They are already in the full instance list which you can see at
Thank you very much for providing this service for free 👍

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@TheKinrar so uhm. This instance has a really horrific uptime on your list and It's currently shown as offline. How can I improve your connection towards me? I kept the instance online for almost 2 years straight with exception of minor updating outages of several minutes each.

War nur ein cachebedingter Irrtum. TLS 1.3 0-RTT wird supported mit proxy_set_header Early-Data $ssl_early_data; um replay Attacken vorzubeugen.

Hab nginx mainline mit boringssl compiled. Interessanterweise kann nur mein Blog 1.3 🤔, irgendwo hat sich noch ein Fehler versteckt. Aka bald TLS 1.3 0-RTT auf

@pinafore is it possible to change the app name? I'd like to name it Pinafore at for the authorized apps page to display to see which of the pinafore auths are used for the pinafore interface at, is that possible? And if, how? Thanks!

Also set up pinafore at which is more mobile friendly than halcyon.

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ieji is romaji for 家(house)路(street), together it means "the way home / a home / homeland".

So we hope to welcome you to your new home in the mastodon fediverse! supports most recent TLS encryption, IPv6 and Tor with an v2 onion address, called iejidevtqqdlukju.onion or v3 iejideks5zu2v3zuthaxu5zz6m5o2j7vmbd24wh6dnuiyl7c6rfkcryd.onion, Elastic Search Full Text Search is activated, remote media is kept for 7 days, local media indefinitely or until deleted by the user.

Mastodon related services hosted by
Halcyon Interface(v3 onion)
Pinafore Interface
A mastodon/pleroma relay service, feel free to use it at

Now with 100% more :eichkat3r: emojis!

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