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Falls noch wer Bock hat auf bisl IRC nostalgie, hab mir fürs bouncen geholt.

Lol, checked out Wasabi, created a bucket, decided not to use it, that was it. I was like sure, a byte on the bucket registration server won't cost anything, JOKES ON YOU, now I've got 7,5$ deducted from my credit card, Because if you have a bucket with less than 1tb or NOTHING, you still gonna pay up :)! Fuck off please, thanks Wasabi!

470 open endlessh connections, wow my server is really popular.

wow endlessh is already sending 3KB/s to 360 ssh bruteforce bots :eichkat3r_hot:

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Habe auf meinem Server mal ne endlessh-Instanz aufgesetzt. Das ist ein Dienst, der so tut, als wäre er SSH - allerdings verzögert er den Verbindungsaufbau Protokollkonform unendlich lange.

Derzeit sind da 209 SSH-Clients "drin gefangen", die dafür woanders keine BruteForce-Attacken machen können. 🖕

Oh wee, managed not to go bankrupt in Tropico 6, amassed half a million by messing with the super powers (5 offshore bureaus), now building a tourist center, fun lil game 😙

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Na dann euch allen mal einen schönen #WorldBackupDay Denkt dran, Backups sind wertvoll & wichtig !!

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Wow, die Download-Server vom BR liegen unterhalb der SubDomain .neuland.


Bedankt für die Meldung, Spam will ja wirklich niemand sehen.

Watched "Us" or german "Wir" yesterday, loved this track, really added a lot to the scene.

Added my own radio stream at featuring 104 handpicked snes soundtracks in addition to the /gyusyabu relay

Checking out azure files to use for offloading the ezstream mp3 files. Accessing is estimated 2€ p/m for permanently feeding two streams with mp3 chunks. Plus storage fees of around 5€. Okayish. Probably cheaper smb/cifs hot storage out there.

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ieji is romaji for 家(house)路(street), together it means "the way home / a home / homeland".

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