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My blog is now available as a #tor #hiddenservice.

The main motivation is to protest law makers proposals to ban tor usage in Germany and to demonstrate that there are valid and legitimate uses for tor. We have a right to privacy and we have to defend it!


Thank you @torproject for providing the technology :)

Well, it looks like looks too shitty/shady to be used by anyone else. Gotta polish managing entries probably adding a draft state on the zoning, design is being made by a friend.

Added sanitychecks to ipv4/ipv6/mx and the domain itself(SOA check), deleting domain zones also works now.:eichkarat3r:

I got to admit. When I see people having 5+ psychological disorders at once here, I'm feeling lucky that all I had so far was maybe a mild depression. My respect to affected people on still doing well with all these gnarly disorders.

Made a simple api on also removed captcha on managing the domain, but limited it to one zonechange per domain per minute.

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Alright, is working and has the worst UI possible. I have zero sanity check on it yet, just some character escaping. Please don't deface the page 🤺

Morgen Abend startet der kostenlose CoreDNS Dienst.

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Liebes, wir haben uns bei dir sehr wohl gefühlt, aber jetzt ist es höchste Zeit, auf unsere eigene Mastodon-Instanz umzuziehen, mit der wir schon ein paar Wochen experimentiert haben.

Unser besonderer Dank gilt @leah und @rixx, von denen wir viel gelernt haben. ❤️

Folgt von nun an bitte unserem neuen Account @digitalcourage!


How much would I be in trouble if I were to start a dns service where you can add domains without ownership verification?:schmusekadser:

So I finished a script to generate and update zonefiles so that coredns is automaticly serving them. Ready to start a public free dns service. But I just realized I need some verification that someone creating a domain has ownership of it. Otherwise people would use it for fraud mainly. Well I'll see. Maybe I'll end up with a fully fledged user system with profiles to verify legitimacy. But for now, good night.

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If you use Firefox or Chrome, we developed an easy way you can help people bypass censorship.

Our Snowflake extension turns your browser into a proxy that connects Tor users in censored regions to the Tor network.

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@Kro Screetching?

BTW, Isolating #Gab is just that, they are free to do/say/run their servers as they wish. They just don't get to force that onto admins or app devs who don't choose to support it.


@djsundog hello there, here is one more reminder that your IPv6 setting is still messed up from outside the US, even connections from OVH France are affected. based) gives a solid "This website is not ready for IPv6". Sorry if I start to annoy you, hence the last notification on that topic. However, you can use the mentioned above website to check if your IPv6 problem for non-US connections persists.

In diesem Humble Bundle war wirklich mal nicht ein einziges Spiel, welches ich schon besessen habe.

TIL: monerod ist ein schwarzes Loch für RAM. Offenbar wird da so viel von der Blockchain wie möglich reingezogen um das ganze "effizienter" zu machen. Mir dann aber über 20 GB RAM zu blockieren find ich nicht so gut. Habe per ulimit das ganze auf 2 GB begrenzt, nun startet monerod nimmer und ich muss die Blockchain neu ziehen AKA jetzt ist der ofen für xmr wirklich aus :crychkat3r:

Just grabbed a WC3 Collectors Edition for 20€. Thats dirt cheap. Not a single scratch on the Soundtrack and a sealed DVD.

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