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Just found a blog entry listing when I started using specific webservers, mid 2007 to mid 2008 apache, after that I switched to lighttpd (with help of a o'reilly book). In the end of 2009 I've read about high traffic pages using nginx and switched to it. In between I switched back and forth between nginx and hiawatha, since the latter was extremely hardened, however it more or less ceased development so I went back to nginx fully.

Tfw people make 8 hours long gameplay documentary thread reply chains here and I gotta scroll down for solid 2 minutes to see the next toot. :rauchschwalbe:

I'm really growing tired and worried of seeing these "please wait while we check your browser" cloudflare pages on seemingly serious sites like spamhaus or steamdb.

longboards downhill are dangerous 

Looking at some of the videos where people drive downhill on longboards with approximately light speed, I think their helmet is nothing but decoration, as I'm pretty sure you'd be done from breaking every single bone and ripping every organ plus neck snapping action. But hey, better safe than sorry.

While Vultr deems 3.8GHz as high performance, 2.6 is what Digital Ocean thinks to be incredibly fast.

looking at the vultr 3,8ghz cpus they sure make me consider setting up a mastodon cluster instead of a single machine.:eichk4tchu:

Bought a random IPA-ish beer today, once a month I'd like to taste something new. Today it was a Baltic Farm beer from the island brewery Rügen. 8,5% vol sure hits hard(me at least), also that it tasted like sparkling wine is somewhat weird. Giving it a 6/10, -2 points as im not a fan of sparkling wine.

Sometimes these Steam bundles make no sense. This war of mine complete edition costs 10,17€, the missing season pass I don't have which is the only thing i don't have from the bundle costs 5,24€ by it's own. Usually steam/the dev reduces the price based on the parts you already got. not this time apparently.

Can someone please explain why "ieji" is so magical and appealing for vietnamese, indian and thai businesses to put backlinks here?

Getting excited about watching Joker on thursday. All the People shouting for a trigger warning or leaving the cinema early/getting triggered within the first 10 minutes must be right. Looking at the responses, the movie sounds like a mental health checkup.

Oh cool. Managed to get DoeDNS Slot 1 on ddg, Google and Bing 👀. Not Hard when picking Weird names tho.

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Astaroth Trojan Uses Cloudflare Workers to Bypass AV Software

"A new malicious campaign is actively distributing a new Astaroth Trojan variant by abusing the Cloudflare Workers serverless computing platform to avoid detection and block automated analysis attempts."

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"gemütlichkeit ist das schönste deutsche wort

die plätze zwei und drei belegen die wörter schmetterling und eichhörnchen"

endlich wieder ein paar gute nachrichten :eichkat3r:

Wow the new coredns versions are getting put up hours after I downloaded the previous version. every single time. so it takes me a week until my routine triggers to check if a new version of halcyon/coredns/mastodon is up.

but sometimes I'm like "i wish to have a go to mod panel option here on halcyon to get rid of these link spamming accounts quickly".

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The only thing I'm missing to go 24/7 halcyon is the absent of admin stuff, I imagine that might be too intense to code or not even allowed to be controlled via a third party interface, I dunno.

I found this to be extremely funny. Based on heise, US providers dislike googles encrypted dns as Google might use it to collect data. Ever heard of and their endless potential dear US providers?

Would anyone like an invite to a gamer network called ember?

Just noticed the game Throne of Darkness being on sale over at GOG, I'd really love to see another game of that franchise.

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