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I will have nginx, postgres and the rest seperated and connected via SDN🤔 .

I'll be moving the instance, including soon, so don't worry about a brief downtime.

Promoting Upcloud, my new provider! 

If you use digitalocean or whatever to host your instance, go check out where I'm moving to. Upcloud. (ref link, if you top up 10$, I'm getting 50$ and you get an additional 25$ credits)

It is incredible. A 5$ cloud machine already outperforms my 400€ machine in terms of iops and especially networking, haven't seen such flawless and incredible network speeds in a decade. I nearly instantly download with my homes max speed, no build up.

Okay I can cut the costs down to 275€ and possibly increase performance even.😱

I'll scale down the instance a bit. 400€ per month does seem like at least 50% too much. Once I notice ressources are scarce It'll scale up dynamically.

Wtf. just noticed that one of my domains in my portfolio is in redemption grace period. A .de domain which usually, when running out, goes into transit. So my provider must have been an idiot when doing a delete on the run out. Not sure which provider it was now. The one thing I know is that this will cost me a hefty penny extra, recieving it out of RGP status.

The current syntax of rewriting on caddy2 is more intricate than I thought.

Wow rude, spambots not even cease to annoy and register on christmas eve :crychkat3r: .

I find it interesting, a really niche battle royal game called Spellbreak (which I made a german page for which is also dead), almost no community left, decides to shut down the servers, aka the entire game, a lot of people already bought, for some months.

Saw the trending plume hashtag and now see what happened :|.

I wanted to do a quick check on plume, so I went the prebuilt binary route. Until it was like "now use diesel to do db migration, which we previously installed" an I'm like, "no we didn't?" It's based on the sourcecode installation route.

Meh, some update made the elasticsearch indexing go to shit, deleted it as it was dragging down performance badly and hogging insane amounts of ram. Also increased the streaming worker amount.

Idle temp of my laptop is at 65C. Thanks acer.

Some idiot is using my domains to spoof mails again. Got like 20 reject mails from per second. I have set my SPF entries correctly but it doesn't help here, so I've put the domain on my mailserver blacklist, have fun with my reject response now.

I really enjoy it when funny and weird votings pop up here.

Finally decided to use the language filter. Had to scroll through like 30 chinese news toots, which made me use filtering now.🐸

@nipos auch nich schlecht, der dev hat mir geschrieben das die rewrites sich geändert haben zwischen der Version die nen php socket bug hat und der Version die ich entsprechend compiled hab um den socket bug zu fixen, nu hab ich die rewrites geändert und ist nun noch defekter :crychkat3r: . Ich schätze bis spätestes morgen Abend hab ich mich durchgefuchst.😯

Okay, halb 4, funktioniert bis zu dem Punkt, wo man was schreiben will oder Userprofile aufrufen will. Caddy2 rewrites sind aktuell noch sehr sehr affig. Läuft erstmal wieder auf nginx.

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