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Oh the nazi organisation Combat18 has been busted. I'm always fascinated how these clubs take so long to be busted. They could've named themselves A. H. Appreciation Club and it would take years to bust.

Having the Cloudflare DDoS Page online all the time is bad, The Wayback Machine Archive is getting fucked by it.

Ok seems to have quite some troubles right now. Getting varnish Error 503 Backend fetch failed every now and then, neither the site nor the login (besides the 2FA system) are working. Everytime I see varnish on steam or gog error sites I kinda want to check it out, only to get disgusted by different config versions v2 and v3 and the complexity overall.

Saw Mastodon switching to Exoscale DNS. And I'm like "Wow, I'd have to pay like 50€ for 100 zones over there". Yeah except for south africa and deeper asian/us regions I have comparable resolution speeds for 30€. Plus I can run at least a thousand zones on mine without any sweating or noticeable speed degradation.
Why are dns services in most cases so expensive? Is it time for me to offer 5 cent per zone dns hosting? 🤔

My final set of nameservers:
One in each countries central points consisting of Germany, India, Italy, Netherlands, United Kingdom, United States.

Each nameserver has it's own domain and provider.

Each nameserver has it's own ASN, well no, 3 upcloud vms in different countries share one because I've been lazy :crychkat3r:.

Btw has only 5 nameservers possible at the moment, they're trying to fix it for me :eichk4tchu: . Can't update .it and .de domain without it cus of inconsistency.

Saturday Statuspage SFW Porn:
You can click on each hostname for a bit more detailed info. Yeah it is not nearly as nasty as Grafana.

Note to myself: I'm still overprovisioning, even on cloud terms.

@eichkat3r kannst du mir ein archiv deiner bisherigen eichkat3r alter egos schicken? habe vernachlässigt davon emojis zu machen :crychkat3r: .

Imagine being like "okay, ticket is not being answered in 72 hours, even though they state it take max 24h, I'll call them instead" and being immediatly put through to the answering machine. I swear if they don't get back to me within 3 hours I'm really getting mad.

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Holy moly, their phone support consists of a menu, then 2s waiting time, after that "please leave a message".

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scumbag domainprovider of the month goes to Uniregistry for illegimately deleting my .de domain instead of putting it into transit as the denic ruleset tells you to do, asking me to pay 50$ to recover it and to maybe pay 10 years upfront to avoid it happening again. Last reply on my ticket was wednesday, so much for 24h response. I'll phone their british bureau today. Luckily GB is still eu so it counts as inland call 👀. Blog entry follows.

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Great, halcyon also works delightfully well. Soon done with my migration marathon. Now transferring my dns services and setting up a nl dns.

Okay 1:40am and another milestone of migration done. I'll move the rest later today and can then say goodbye to the threadripper 2990wx and hello to a hosting job well done by upcloud. Already feels more responsive, might be a placebo effect though. From what I've read they must've plastered their whole datacenter with infiniband stuff.

Don't tell anyone im using socat and sshfs to make this work wildly spread as it is. But it seems fine because it's all just a byte away from each other.

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