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20 hours later, the tracker is now tracking 6500 torrents, 6000 leechers and 4000 seeders, that stuff sure explodes. The statistics are publicly readable, best served with prometheus

Ach man, für einen Moment dachte ich, ich könne hier vom Autohaus gegenüber mit nem Freifunk router das wlan signal verlängern, aber ist wohl auf einem Meter aus dem Radius draußen 😢

I find it to be extremely stupid, pulling games off of GeForce Now. "Damn, people want to play our game the best way possible(except for input lag)? Hell no, you stay tryharding with 30fps.". Is it really that much of a deal, installing these games on cloud pcs instead of your own? Why the hell would GeForce pay the gaming companies money for that? It's like, for example, Lamborghini telling car rentals to fuck off and pay them money for each car they have rented.

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I decided to start a tracker because I like go it is a chihaya tracker running on udp:// in, you guessed it, Germany. GSG-9 Raid incoming I can feel it.

Does it make any sense limiting the time you can enter credentials on a website? I'm looking at you, online banking.

Imagine using Termius and getting 10 days of subscription removed for trying to change the sub from PayPal to CC.

If you want to play some Warhammer Online, someones hosting an improved version for free here

I recommend loading the torrent and patching that client, much faster, maybe it's because I decided to seed the torrent with 2GB/s, yes, not Gbit/s but GB/s 😂. Reseeding it 7 times an hour currently.

A flowerpot, made out of metal and painted over. How much? 268€. Why do people have the need of burning money :crychkat3r: ?

First time I experienced a red alert over at upcloud. Something messed with the computing nodes. Took them roughly 2 hours to fix the problem. Mastodon availability was spotty, sometimes causing a error message, sometimes slow. But the 100% uptime guarantee is still in place, just a slight performance deterioration for the time.

Schön die Leute raiden die gewerblich für 600% des üblichen Preises Desinfektionsmittel verkaufen 🐸

I've set up opnsense, instructions unclear, LAN is my vpses public ip, WAN is my vpses internal ip.

Sometimes I wish I could use FreeBSD like I did in the past, having my own lil stripped down kernel and enjoying perfect efficiency. But then came docker and wine.

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Sorry for the 10 seconds of error 500. whilst quickly updating to v3.1.2 I missed a db migration of a previous version, fixed now.

Hach manchmal verhält sich mysql wirklich fantastisch. 3:30 fängt mysql plötzlich ohne Erklärung an auszurasten, 95% cpu usage auf db server, und (leider aufgrund der guten disk iops) ein schnelles random zuschreiben der festplatte bis diese voll war. WIESO D:

What the hell, I started parking and offering some domains I dont use at the moment at sedo. Didn't know it was so bad until now. It just redirects to scam and pornsites. No way of having it sold this way. Thought sedo was a respectable company by now. How wrong I was. if this isn't a 1:1 Harry Potter Quidditch clone except for switching out graphics and maybe change ONE game rule I'll be eating a broomstick.

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