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Habe mir gerade mal ein GOG Spiel angeguckt das Interessant aussah, wollte mich mal durch die RTS Ecke durchzocken. Ist tatsächlich ein vergessener Warcraft II Klon aus meiner Kindheit. Geil.

After my weird escapades mirror is back.
Todo: rewrite scripts, set up prosody (on, just because), znc bouncer, dns resolver, relay, spc radio and again. 🤢

I wonder if I even own all the mentioned domains, if not pls don't steal them :P

Alright so my Laptop keyboard broke, deactivated it by installing a wrong driver to the keyboard. Then I asked around and was told "get the fnatic (mini)streak its awesome". Did that, it really is awesome, shortly after my mouse broke. "Let's see which mice they have to offer" and got myself a clutch2. Together with that I got a mousepad+bungee, not the worst decisions so far. To top all up after having no stationary headset I also went for the fnatic react headset, not sponsored by fnatic😂

Just picked a framadate release now, all works.. well except for the user/mail fields SIMPLY MISSING WTF IS GOING ON

wtf the framadate install docs are the worst I have ever experienced.

I like how some old gog games simply crash your pc when you tab out or something.

Hab bei ebay auf ein Alpha Centauri Spielepaket einen Preisvorschlag gemacht weil ich den Preis noch als etwas teuer empfand. Was macht der Verkäufer? "Angebot enthielt einen Fehler" und vertickt das ganze zum doppelten Preis, richtige Sacknase. Wollte nur nen deutschen Patch für die gog Version erstellen und nicht 80 Schleifen für ein altes Spiel ausgeben.

lmao got a new mouse and was like "wtf are these 3 lights on the left rim of the mouse is it broken or something?" TIL its showing the active mouse profile.

Created the server MUMBLE ISNT DEAD YET OR IS IT?

There was 1,5€ left on my credit card so I made this website with it

What a colossaly bad decision to put the tony hawk remakes on the EGS exclusive.

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Running two zerotier servers in Germany, if you want to use zerotier but don't like the mainservers in USA Google Cloud, let me know and I'll give you a useraccount to one of the nodes.

Extreme corona peak at Mallorca? Who would've thought that would not happen? Really sucks to be heavily dependent on tourism.

Ich hasse Autofahrer die 5min langsam abbremsen und direkt neben der einfahrt erst den blinker anmachen. Haben den sinn eibes blinkers definitiv nicht erkannt. "Wieso bremst das Auto unvermittelt so lange vor mir ab??? Schlaganfall oder derartiges? Ach nein wollte nur abbiegen" 🤷‍♂️

Since my more than weird escapades on windows server 2019(forgive me for I have sinned) Hugo from mastohost is hosting this instance, got the ressources(and linux) again to host it myself again but im more than satisfied by his answers to my pre-buy questions and the quality so I keep it running there. I'm focussing on hosting more microservices and gameservers. Excluding searx unfortunately because that stuff is a ip reputation killer sorry.

Hab gerade nebst standard mailcow deployment auf server 2 nen backup mx gestartet und klopfe mir gerade selber auf die schulter das ich die SPF records und settings nicht verpeilt hab und es klappt wie es sollte 😂

Building up as a free public services place again, now that it doesn't bug out the system anymore using NUL as name.

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