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Jetzt gehts erstmal nach Kaufland noch ne Packung von den gesunden Milchschnitten mit extra viel Milch erwerben. /s

Does it make sense for a dev loosing a year of revenue for a one time payment? Looking at you, egs exclusive titles.

Manchmal habe ich das gefühl das jeder Dienst den ich nutze schon 2x nen Datenleck hatte. Heute neu dazu gekommen: Plex.

Oh, apparently the server has been *ddosed* with 100k pps. Got immediatly scrubbed by :eichkarat3r:

Another shoutout to CrowdSec for collectivly blocking bruteforce and sharing bad actors!

Started a new long term proejct, an avorion server, open for all, no ruleset, connect to HAL.LT

Hab jetzt nachdem ich einige male mit dem autostartenden letsencrypt container von bitwarden gekämpft hab, einfach vaultwarden genutzt, ist eh schlanker.

Don't worry though, less then a handful of instances blocks and for this dumb reason, but it is still so odd that I wanted to write about it.

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This instance gets blocked for the words liberal and censor-free in its description. People instantly think "oh free speech? More like nazi recruitment camp" but I mean it in the way of you are not getting oppressed by us for having a different opinion. Also liberal as in liberal country, nothing to worry if you write somewhere else questionable content, of course as long as you are in the boundaries of law.

So, hab mal nen kernel installiert der dieses Intel Thread Director gedöns auch kann.

My dns servers are not resilient enough.

jetzt *nurnoch* ein browsergame rüberziehen samt datenbank und scripte, dann noch dns anpassen, 40 tls certs erstellen, zwei shops rüberziehen. entspannt, wird heute nur ne stunde nachtschicht.

Hoppla. Bei den Nachrichten isser plötzlich von 6000 docs/s auf 60000 docs/s, index fertig :eichk4tchu:

Alright, done with migration, rebuilding search index.

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Wenn jetzt alles "der Umwelt zuliebe" aus Papier anstelle Plastik gemacht wird, um wie viel Schneller wird dafür dann der Regenwald abgeholzt?

I will be moving to Frankfurt today in the evening hours. This will fix the search.

New server arrived. Interesting 6,5ghz top clock🙃

Only Comodo Valkyrie left then we are clear on Virustotal.

Ah yes, took me 5 hours to move all services, just because ddr5 ram seems hard to get. I guess the server will be ready on the weekend or next week. Got another 5 hour night shift then :crychkat3r:

Sorry yall, I might need to transfer the instance twice. Moving back to Frankfurt, found a provider with decent traffic pricing. However the custom order I made is taking longer than anticipated, so I might need to switch everything to the second server, and then to the new provider. Happens between 0 and 2am as usual. Sorry for the constant moving. I hope I found a more permanent solution this time...

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