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Is there an online free dns service list I can add myself to?🤔

Go and get yourself CryoFall in this months Humble Choice, after that go and connect to Always people online. is up again, 6 geographicly different dns servers at 3 providers. FREE OF CHARGE, NO HOOKS OR PROBLEMS. I use these myself to I'd be stupid to have them break down. Rest assured that they stay online no matter what, 100% service uptime guarantee (aka at least 50% dns servers reachable at all time in case I'm doing an update or serverprovider errors happen)

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Thank you @LinkedIn for you suggestions. But I think I'll stay with offensive security...

Lol, getting spam messages disguised as ovhcloud domain expiration messages.

Wow, got another killer domain., guess what'll end up there long term?

Wow sometimes I don't get it why mailservers do things wrongly. I've set a mailserver docker bundle to .158 ip. however it sends out through .159. w h y. I've now set everything including spf to 159 because reasons.

Imagine these awful top10 slider/next page for each entry websites. Now imagine the slider/next page button being disabled for 10s so you can't miss the ads.

is nitter telling me that its dying by spamming "WARN Incorrect query. Got: 63207931" 😱 ?

Lol my once planned as business paypal address is fubar. Whenever I reset the password it immediatly locks down and asks me to reset my password again :crychkat3r:

DoeDNS is coming back soon. I kinda want to offer it for like 1c per zone to make it more official as people are very skeptical towards free offers, but then I'm pretty sure the tax office will raid me within a week.

Aftermath of going cost effective: dead, dead, dead, feels bad.

They are priced about the same as the competitors, but flexibility sure comes with a bigger price tag. I've rented a 5ghz turbo clock server for some gameserver stuff and I can decrease cost by 30% by moving the gameservers there instead of having multiple 5$ cloudservers.

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I sure do like the flexibility of upcloud. Their stellar support(<5min live support waiting time no matter which day or time) and their wish to make anything a customer wants reality is really speaking for them. If you want to check them out, start with $25 credit bonus and (after charging up $10+vat aka leaving trial mode) help out this instance with a $50 ref bonus, please use this link I'm confident they surpassed Digital Ocean, Vultr and Linode in many aspects by far.

Cropping like a boss (woman in undergarment badly photoshopped into a shower) 

Someone is exceptionally good at cropping things. Also: typical sex sells strategy😑.

Ah damn, I was getting a message that the disk went above 85%, I was like "mkay, I'll do an image purge after work, that'll fix it". Welp. My problem was that I didn't mount a folder and a mirror rsync wrote to the ieji disk instead of the seperated mirror disk, so it went up to 100% usage by the time I went home. Luckily I seperated everything so the only thing that went broke for a brief moment was file up/download to the instance.

Hosting the mirror for 3 years and haven't used opnsense a single day 😅

When I'm deleting the latest bunch of link spammers:

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