we NEED to feel connected in an undeniable eternally consistent, and indestructible way

perpetual and undeniable connectivity


even zeus himself couldnt tear us apart.

(youre incredibly talented at the things you go about doing)

herbal essences, not essential oils.
they arent oils and essense fits much better

that curse code in homestuck that sollux stumbled upon and karkat unwittingly unleashed?

people need hex codes to specify their least favorite color so they can fixate on hating it efficiently. 😂

do black mothers tell their babies to act a certain way or white people are going to get them, like a weird boogeyman story based on colors?

so the question then boils down to
are so-called racists demons or boogymen?

or boogeymen?

the answer is, once again, it widely depends

a trend of disrespect and unjust incrimination of other people is societys real problem

justifications of such behaviors by people with control issues

are people that are adamant about being shitty demons?

if its an ethnicity than its about cultures and cultures are so vast and wide-ranged that it is only going to define large populations of people that are widely acknowledged as existing.

is it better to be ignored or harassed?

if you go by skin color people not appreciating a skin color is a red herring.
its not about the color.
if they see the color black do they screech and gouge their eyes out?
i dont like pink but i dont hate pink colored people. lol.
do people that dont like black hate to read things set in black ink?
color is not the problem

the word racist is too ambiguous to have any worth.
its almost as if its intentional.

what i mean is its not a universally agreed upon word with a straight and real fixed meaning

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