[[Hyperlink Blocked]] [for just 5 dollars!],
[Kromer Miner] AND [Little Sponge],
[Torrent], [Ringtone], [[Bar of Tool]],
TOSSED INTO THE [Private Pool],

I hate how puzzle games get faster the longer you take

Like wtf bro I know I suck, you don’t need to rub it in :schmusekadser:

A moment of silence for all the goddesses of fortune who have to explain that they’re MISS Fortune, not MISfortune ✊😔

People assume demons are weak to circles of salt & can’t leave because magic or something.
However, nobody’s proposed the idea that they’re weak to circles of salt because of demons actually being a species of snail.
In this essay I will…

Happy Alf Day!
Since it’s International Cat Day and according to my friend “International Vore Day” is something that unfortunately exists and is today, we designated today as International Alf Day, since Alf is a show about an alien who eats cats

i downloaded all 10.000 of those ugly lazy lions nfts and turned them into a mosaic of a person right-clicking

Windows failed as an operating system when they got rid of the flying document animation

@aruraios ????
so adding a subject automatically makes them NSFW????

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Some photos I took during the rain
(Location: Alma School/Main Street Station, Mesa, AZ, US)

fuck it, you don’t get to see my photos
Mastodon (or my client) won’t post it right so I’m not posting them

Until Nintendo themselves tell me to stop, I’m calling BotW “Zelder Scrolls”

Retro computer parts haul B)
KVM & 5¼ floppy disks are from Goodwill, the diskette drive was taken from a computer I got
I also got a parallel port from my school, but I already put that in my computer (even though it doesn’t work)

Decided to made a Mastodon account so I'm finally here, so I guess I'll be performing for y'all.
If you know the words, I guess you can join in too


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