Apparently I'm supposed to do an so here we go

Austin here. Pronouns are We/Us because we must collaborate.
BSc student at University, Montreal, Canada.

Part-time developer, mostly working on Android apps. F-Droid addict.
I'm known for having made , the better client. You know how that worked out

Music tastes are 70s/80s/90s hits, jazz, blues... just not the modern stuff.

Ask anything.
Nice to meet y'all!

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@austin wait, you made Barista?
Damn, i use that one. It's very good.

@vis4valentine people keep misspelling it lol but yeah I (well, along with my friend) made that thing

@austin autocorrection lol
It corrects it to Barista instead of Barinsta.
But yeah, very impressive work. It works amazing when I wanna download a post. Also when I wanna be free from the algorithm.
You are still maintaining it right?

@austin welcome mate...:)
7B6 from tele or 1nv3n7 from matrix as you rmbr...!!!

@austin good to see you here, Austin. I am very curious if you had any bigger problems because of Barinsta.

@garbulix That's a big unknown... I mean, with that letter, I could've already been permabanned from working at most internet companies, but obviously I don't know that yet, and I guess time will tell. In the meantime though, nothing much.

@austin good there wasn't much more than the letter. I hope you won't have career problems either :) I believe that many companies will be happy to have a person like you. Such a letter is a badge of merit. They fought you because you are competent and dangerous for them. So do not worry -- you have proven yourself.
Good luck and happy hacking!

@austin nice to meet you! Thanks for barinsta, I was a fellow user and loved it, you did great. Hope no trouble came from it

@austin nice intro!
Thanks for your work. Barinsta was and is a very important step towards software freedom. Even though I never had an Instagram account and avoid using it amap, your software has been quite useful not only to me but also for friends I introduced it to.

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