Transport infrastructure should be built to be enjoyable, on top of usefulness. The Soviets have done exactly that (even though they meant to flex).

New York's abandoned City Hall station was quite nicelooking, but then the subsequent stations are just... ugly.
Although many stations in the world now feature art, the overall structure often feels... dull. It would be hard to completely alleviate the problem, but maybe more colours or lighting can help.


Yeah, I don't use public transport much (there's literally none where I live) but the few times I have it feels very oppressive. I can imagine having to use it 3-4 times a day, everyday must weight in on you after a while.

@fssofdeath At least some metro stations in Montreal are somewhat enjoyable (high ceilings, patterns, etc. See ). There are definitely rooms for improvement, but at least the French influence made them not *so* boring like in other cities.

It is true that the Montréal Metro isn't too bad. Very exposed concrete-esque but that's the nature of the period it was built in.

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