We often feel surveiled, but we rarely realize that we surveil others. Have you ever dug deep into someone's timeline to find evidence of "wrongdoing" to be denounced?

Data brokers sell certainty to customers. They do not tolerate the change in data.

We want certainty in judging others. We do not tolerate the change in people.

Sure, even collectively, our individual is less bad than the companies. But does that make it acceptable?

@austin There are plenty of reasons to be wary of companies who scrape social media to build a personal profile of you, and use it for targeted advertising or worse. But can you really fault an individual for looking at information that you yourself have made public? If someone is uncomfortable with people seeing their public social profiles, should they not take steps to remove the things that no longer reflect their viewpoints, or avoid posting publicly in the first place?

@armen I agree on that some blatantly obvious opinions deserve scrutiny, but it's also not that simple. Sometimes the point is too small for people to realize, and instead of being corrected, they were straight up met with the brick of judgment. Some may go pseudonymous, but with the current capabilities, we don't know its effectiveness. Ultimately we have self-censorship due to fear of unexpected repraisal, and that is damaging to the democracy, in my opinion.

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