What is now happening in my hometown, , is tragic: as people scramble to get food or medical care, hopes and dreams are being reduced to just the innate desire to survive amongst the chaos of distrust and confusion. To say my heart aches for the city crying for help is an understatement. Forced by the unscientific policy, the unnecessary loss (suicides, untreated diseases, etc.) of lives, and the permanent damage to civility, is irrecoverable. The world deserves to know!

@austin I didn't know this policy hurts citizens that much. Thank you for enlightening me - currently there is not much about covid in mainstream media

@austin "let's just let people run around crazy in a super high-density area during a pandemic and pretend it'll work, im sad people arent getting sick" -- some uni student

@neet So let them congregate for PCR tests while denying them basic healthcare and food, as if they won't get sick from either?

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