New to replace

Austin here. Pronouns are We/Us because we must collaborate.
BSc student at University, Montreal, Canada.
English/简体中文/Français. Can read Japanese, but can't speak much.

I contribute to .
I made , the better client. You know how that worked out.

Music tastes are 70s/80s/90s hits (English and J-Pop), jazz, blues... just not the modern stuff.

Please ask anything.
Nice to meet y'all!

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My followback policy (more of a tendency and less of an obligation), which I would also encourage you to use, is:

1. Be active, but not spammy, and activity must not solely comprises retoots;
2. Mainly toot in a language that I can understand (or images);
3. Don't have anything that may get me into trouble, since my follows are public. I'm open to alternative opinions as long as you're respectful.

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