Public instance admins should recognize the increasing interest from users (in fact a screenshot of a Mastodon post was widely circulated on Weibo), driven by the Shanghai lockdown, social media KYC requirements, and public disclosure of IP address locations. Each should (re)commit themselves to protect their users' privacy and freedoms (esp. of speech, within rules) w/r/t their instances against bad actors, instead of making jokes about the GFW block. @stux

@austin Indeed we do! 💪 And ofc we keep an close eye out on this whole situation. We did had a onion address already but it's becoming more and more important! :tor:

No matter where users are from everyone needs to keep in mind the server guidelines, as simple as that :cat_hug_triangle:

@austin In fact, we get many "congratz" on the block and it maybe does says something I am all sad about it...

It's a slap in the face of social media and FOSS, esp in such a big country. Hopefully our Chinese users can find a way around it and still keep us company on the Fedi like before :blobcathearts:

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