So Tim Hortons (Canadian coffee chain) illegally accessed location data of users of their app (in background) for more than a year and now the class action settlement is only one hot beverage & one baked goods (<$10)? Not even free identity monitoring? Quebec court should definitely toss out the settlement... The law needs to put invasion on the same ground as financial loss. Make them pay!

@austin it's difficult to calculate these things, but 10 dollars is ridiculous... i remember when i read about their tracking the first time (can't say i was shocked, but still appalled)

i hope they are at least getting fined for this (although that wouldn't be part of the class action, right?)

@bugbear Doesn't seem like they'll be fined, even.

> Mr. Therrien [federal privacy commissioner] and outside experts have long argued that Canada’s privacy laws, or its system for enforcing them, are in need of substantial revision. [...U]ltimately, there were no penalties. Only Quebec’s privacy office currently has the power to impose fines, but the maximum penalty [...] is 10,000 Canadian dollars.

@austin i feel like if a company breaks the fucking law the government shouldn't let them off so easy, this isn't even a slap on the wrist, it's a finger wag and a "please don't do it again"

if a company breaks such an important law, they should face extreme penalties, if they had to pay 50% of their total net worth to the government then i'm sure we'd see a lot less companies do this shit, instead they're basically forced to do a free drink promotion (which will probably give them more sales)

@austin Glad I disowned Tim’s long ago, you couldn’t pay me to drink their coffee.

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