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To counter the unhealthy obsession of humanity on predicting the future, we should return to our roots - to discover the humanity's past, to where we were really from - as new technologies to achieve such (like ) are built together and new artifacts continue to excite us, together. Because we're supposed to be together, right?

Leaflet was created 11 years ago by Volodymyr Agafonkin, a Ukrainian citizen living in Kyiv.

Volodymyr is no longer in Kyiv, because Russian bombs are falling over the city. His family, his friends, his neighbours, thousands and thousands of absolutely wonderful people, are either seeking refuge or fighting for their lives.

Friendly reminder to approach new things with curiosity rather than resentment.

It’s a whole lot nicer to live that way. 🕊

在B站活动 又或者说决定在互联网(社交网络)活动的两年里,我最大的收获与反思就是保持open- minded.





Unity (former game engine company) has merged with an actual adware and malware distribution company. That's not an exaggeration. Fake Flash installers, was blacklisted by Microsoft's anti-malware tool, VirusTotal entires, that kind of thing.

Don't build your games on engines you don't have the source code to.

Another example:

Maybe having a few colleges does affect the population makeup, but that is certainly far from the only factor. Ways for towns and cities to be less dependent on economic growth should be more thoroughly explored.

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Is 's protectionist telecom/media policies really helping anyone but the monopolists? I mean, despite all the broadcasters having a 30% Canadian content quota, don't you feel like it's just the CBC and the independent artists pumping out the actual content? And with the outage, don't we need more players in telecom too? Scrap the CanCon rule (it's outdated anyway) and scrap the domestic ownership rule: the CRTC has the tools to do what's best for Canadians, it does NOT need more.

“'Chinese people love watching how other places are not as good as China,' Cheng told Rest of World, arguing that he had portrayed Africa in a truthful way. 'If you film some advanced stuff here, people might not like watching. They would rather see lives that are worse than their own.'”

#ViolaZhou, 2022

#China #Africa #colonialization


Re: recent fedi/matrix events. People should realize that no social media platform can rid them of group polarization - after all, it's a natural tendency of weak groups which the platforms are - but it's important for all of us to recognize that it exists and we must act to control its effect on us. Continuing to antagonize various sides unnecessarily serves no benefit to anyone.

Can you imagine how tooth-grindingly boring an 18 year old you’d have to be to idolize the Rand Corporation

Folks, you might want to block so people don’t get confused as it’s a parody account but is refusing to mark itself as such.

The original account,, does great work in sharing information about the fediverse and I’d hate to see it negatively impacted in any way by this.

If you are parodying another fediverse account, don’t be a douchebag and mark your account as a parody.

#fediverse #block

With labels come responsibilities - not to further stigmatize or generalize it, or even continue to apply oneself into it, but to seek ways to regain/utilize one's fullest potential and to help others do so as well. The same applies to labels other than disorders. You are you, you're not your labels.

@meganeko @Corina @ljwrites this reminds me of a study I read about once. Two people would play monopoly; one would be given a very small amount of play money, while the other player would be given a very large amount of starting money. Both participants were aware of the inequality of the starting cash amount. Invariably, the one who started with a ton of money won. During post game interviews, all (or at least most, not 100% sure on this point) of the players who had the most starting money and won credited their skill and strategies as the reason for winning and never credited their unfair starting advantage as the reason they won.

You’re not a bad person for buying something from Amazon or Walmart, even though those are awful companies

You’re not “supporting evil” by using GitHub or Gmail, even though it enriches MS and Google

You’re not awful for streaming a Harry Potter movie, even though JKR is a bigoted turd

Sure, if you have better options, I encourage you to use them. I’ll even recommend some! But you’re not bad; you’re not “supporting” the bad things those people and orgs do; you’re just trying to live through this plutocratic hellscape

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It's , the day where you're just supposed to go to Ottawa and take the free buses to tour the museums. Which are not really that memorable, but hey, free admission eh? At least that's what it is to me pre-covid (I have a few photos on my Flickr).

*wonders if religious buildings call their WiFi "The Promised LAN"*

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