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From a certain friend:

Tech folks have the biggest advantage on the internet.


1. work online,
2. share ideas, solutions, and problems,
3. find people to pair up with on projects,
4. publish hobby projects,
5. have the ability to build (personal) websites that also improves the entire stack of possibilities

And so much more.

Not all verticals/functions have this advantage.

"Already, 5,000 Londoners are on to it: borrowing anything from sound systems to sewing machines from a catalogue of around 50 items. They are the pioneers of the Library of Things (LoT) model, which helps people to save money and reduce waste by affordably renting out household items. They’ve collectively saved around 50 tonnes of waste from landfill since it all began."

#LibraryOfThings #LOT #London #PositiveNews

We should try to put forward decent arguments for our opinions, and avoid discussion with people who do not do the same.

Here is a classification system:

I have no idea where this image came from, but I couldn't resist sharing it.


"Authorities said two men hacked into a gas pump to make it dispense fuel at no charge and sold the gas to motorists after the station closed at half price.

Virginia Beach police report that the men used a remote device to hack the pumps and got the word out about the fuel for sale via social media.

“Citizens were purchasing the gas through a cash app,” said Lt. Brad Wesseler with the Virginia Beach Police Department.

The owner of the Citgo gas station said he had noticed missing fuel last week, but what or how it was happening was a mystery.

“Everything on his end appeared to be normal. So, there was nothing obvious that gas was being taken,” Wesseler said.

But now, the owner is out nearly $14,000."

#FoodForThought When you speak, you broadcast what's in your heart and in your mind. You are what you toot.

Yes, I hate those little bloodsuckers! 🦟 Not because they're famous for X or because there's a Y meme about them or because it's the "in" thing to bash and hate them. It's personal! They actually did me wrong! Multiple offenses!! I'm suffering here!! 😖 *scratches arms and legs*

Eh... So what did the famous smart rich guy do to you? The time and energy you spend bashing him... Hmm 🤔


熟悉我的朋友知道,我念的专业是媒介研究,难免带一些老欧洲这边的冷眼批判态度,所以对社交媒体充满了不信任。对我来说,mastodon让我难得地找到了一些好的“公共领域(public sphere)”的感觉。人们在这里可以负责任地、自由地讨论公共事务,并且在开放程度和规则约束之间形成了一个比较好的平衡。




Without doubt, is . The vulnerable must be well supported towards normal lives, no longer pushed to undesirable places (eg. homelessness in cities & defective homes). But also, as seen, there is a way to revitalize run-down towns by pouring in new blood to clear out the old remains. Maybe sustainable recycling of underused land (especially with possible) can relieve the crisis (though gentrification may become a problem)?

Public instance admins should recognize the increasing interest from users (in fact a screenshot of a Mastodon post was widely circulated on Weibo), driven by the Shanghai lockdown, social media KYC requirements, and public disclosure of IP address locations. Each should (re)commit themselves to protect their users' privacy and freedoms (esp. of speech, within rules) w/r/t their instances against bad actors, instead of making jokes about the GFW block. @stux

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