Oh my goodness, we're back up! What happened? This is the first time in weeks i have been able to login here.

So, in the new Overwatch short. In one of the cryo pods there is a Swedish scientist named Arrenhius, after Svante Arrenhius who was the first person to investigate the effect that doubling atmospheric carbon dioxide would have on global climate.

The fact that they thought to include that is cool. He is one of few scientists I remember reading about in school.

Still coming down from witnessing my first total eclipse. Nothing that happened before Monday seems to matter as much. I'm a tiny insignificant creature, floating on a tiny spaceship, like a spec of dust, on the outer edges of a small galaxy, only 164 million light years across.

I will see if I can locate where I left my motivations. Somewhere between here and Salem OR I suppose.

Capitalism is nothing but a system of caste 

If everybody is supposed to get regular dental checkups I really don't see why everyone shouldn't get regular mental checkups?

If I were a better programmer with godlike charisma, or a least a solid 18, I would find five other programmers who actually gave a tinker's damn about digital prepress and professional color correction and redo the GIMP completely so I never, ever have to touch Photoshop again to do simple things like curving a black plate.

on FLOSS software development issues (and CMYK) 

on FLOSS software development issues (and CMYK) 

"Businesses may come and go, but religion will last forever, for in no
other endeavor does the consumer blame himself for product failure."
[Harvard Lamphoon, "Doon" (paraphrase)]

Went to the beach a little later this evening. The last light of day was lovely! Also I made a friend but it was a bit crabby about being plucked from the water so I put it back again after promising to make it internet famous. #photography #android #snapseed

I learned about sex from the Transformers Movie

my boyfriend and i decided that we're going to delete our facebook accounts tonight and on deciding that i realized how little i care

A cool person and long time friend, Tyler Magill opposed the Nazis in Charlottesville, and was attacked while protecting students, and suffered a stroke as a result of that attack.

Tyler is a cool DJ, a great parent, and has been standing up to Nazis for years now, and I hope will again soon.

I think many of you would like Tyler a lot. Currently the instance I'm on doesn't seem to be federating very wide, so if anyone can boost I'd appreciate it, because people should know who Tyler is.

- 7.7% of black adults, are disenfranchised, compared to 1.8% of the non-African American population

- In three states – #Florida (23%), #Kentucky (22%), and #Virginia (20%) – more than one in five #African Americans is disenfranchised

- 5.85 million Americans, lost their #voting rights

- Four states deny the right to vote to all persons with felony convictions, even after they have completed their sentences

#blacklivematters #fascism #law #humanrights

that thing where i've had one too many 12% imperial stouts and i'm trying real hard not to politic on the fediverse like i do on birdsite

but i'll say a couple things:
1) fuck nazis
2) i'm considering getting my hair dyed at least partly purple because a) i really like purple and b) it seems to piss off nazis

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