the only thing stopping xfce from being perfect is that gtk themes don't work on xfwm

the culmination of my conspiracy theories is investing in crypto

Women love having large families and undiagnosed or untreated mental disorders

a single leave from any good plant.
some hot hot HOT! water
and just a splash of milk from the most noble of all god's beasts on earth: the humble cow.
ah! delectable. that's the drink known simply as: tea.

I'm getting dizzy and loosing balance, I should go to sleep.

Time for some dental hygiene.

the gap between smart and intelligent is wide and scary, and requires asking tough and uncomfortable questions

The secret to beat depression is to close your eyes and pretend you are on your deathbed, but when you open your eyes you've magically traveled back in time and get a second chance to live your life.

The world is a vampire
She eats her kids
Let's hide the bodies under the bridge

The core of your personality is based on how you rationalize existence

Me, on getting banned from twitter: How does one.....account.....who is accusing......the pres..ident.....i mean.............i consider myself a nice person

The only way to keep the things you get is think you deserve them

So this whole time qanon "storm" was just mobbing the capitol building?


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