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I am streaming again, this time I'm playing BlazBlue: Central Fiction with @fyrwit77@twitter.com
Neither of us are actually good twitch.tv/ihavenoidea99?sr=a

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Why do people always manage to call me when I am
a) in a uni lecture
b) playing an online game

I can talk all day but y'all gotta call within the 2 hours I can't. HOW? Is there a liveticker of "is Jakob doing something right now"?

Welcome to a new episode of "Jakob posts Google drive links to .exe files at 1 in the morning"

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That old HP printer actually came with a print server as well, which I am using now. I can print to this thing from my modern PC via network! Finding working drivers was a pain though.

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So I participated in an auction and bought "obsolete and defective tech". A friend of mine helped me transport all of that, it was a huge amount of old laptops, keyboards, cables, weird stuff, etc.
Worth it tbh.

Also, I don't really care about gacha. So I suppose I am not the target audience anyway.

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Just tried again, I just can't get into Genshin. I quite like the worldbuilding and exploration, as well as the combat. But the unending menus and individual character upgrading and item/trinket equipping is just too much for me.
I would like to like this :(

Sitting at the train station, hearing the faint sound of Rick Astley emanating from a teenager’s phone, which is promptly silenced.

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This is now a Large Luigi Stan account.
I love Large Luigi.

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With all the hate windows 11 is getting: on multiple devices I had a better experience with 11 than with 10. Way less animation hiccups, more responsive.
Very strange how my experience seems so different from many others.

I hope these insects
Leave as quickly as they came
There is no food here

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It goes Tok-Tok-Tok
Repeatedly, collision
It is annoying

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There are ladybugs
Flying against my ceiling
Where do they come from

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Manufacturers: Yes, our device is powered by USB Type C.

Also manufacturers:

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