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Huge improvements on matrix.org's federation performance since we switched over to pyston on May 20th :D

@joeyh reminds me of the horror podcast The Magnus Archives, with an entity known as the Beholding

@eichkat3r it's easy to unionize, just balance the electric charges

@Nika2022 even with purely fossil-fueled electricity, we can count on the average driver to drive enough kilometers to make the switch to EV result in a net reduction in carbon emissions because of higher efficiency, although it hardly solves a crisis. On the other hand, I wonder why we rely so much on driving private vehicles

@kt For non-Gnome Desktop environments, gnome-terminal must be installed

@guenther @LittleJoeMuc I’d just like to interject for a moment. What you’re seeing as the black hole, is in fact, the accretion disk around a black hole, or as I’ve recently taken to calling it, the swirling stuff

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@zkat makes one question why did people need to come up with the prefix await

@littlegravitas @zkat I think AutoHotkey scripts can be a good fit. Maybe even chording is easy to implement. I don't have a 🪟 environment to experiment with, though

Just bought a new x86 tablet recently(I prefer not to use any laptop keyboards), after using my 2013 Chromebook Pixel to run cargo for several weeks

@lsitongia @marathon0 I'm using a 13 inch Yoga Duet with x86 inside, not as small as the Surface Go, though

@Coffee If only subscription had been the prevalent model, instead of advertising. Which is not to say I'm a fan of paywalls or other kinds of artificial scarcities

@spyro I came up with an ad hoc set of commands, using a phonetic alphabet to type the letters and something like sticky modifiers to use Ctrl, etc

@spyro github.com/alphacep/vosk-api running on CPU is fast, I find it much more responsive than the clouds, here it's running in the terminal: fars.ee/F9-b.mp4 The C API is straightforward and easy to use from any language

@spyro a keyboard replacement to replace the qwerty and relieve RSI, with some efficiency, previously I tried voice commands and learned to use FFI to call vosk

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