"squirrel" comes from Ancient Greek σκίουρος, a combination of σκιά (shadow) and οὐρά, which is from Proto-Indo-European h₃érsos, which also gives us the word "arse"

@lupyuen I haven't heard much of Fuzzy Logic besides from commercials and dubious science journalism, so I assumed it was just marketing. I'm still skeptical about its application in Japanese electronics. To me, few appliances do anything more than reading sensor values and make adjustments using fixed thresholds or linear parameters

@zkat guess the learning machine went in the wrong direction

@qdot web version unsurprisingly make cpu hot; needed to wait for web fonts to load before non-English characters are displayed

@eichkat3r it's easy to unionize, just balance the electric charges

@Nika2022 even with purely fossil-fueled electricity, we can count on the average driver to drive enough kilometers to make the switch to EV result in a net reduction in carbon emissions because of higher efficiency, although it hardly solves a crisis. On the other hand, I wonder why we rely so much on driving private vehicles

@guenther @LittleJoeMuc I’d just like to interject for a moment. What you’re seeing as the black hole, is in fact, the accretion disk around a black hole, or as I’ve recently taken to calling it, the swirling stuff

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@littlegravitas @zkat I think AutoHotkey scripts can be a good fit. Maybe even chording is easy to implement. I don't have a 🪟 environment to experiment with, though

@Coffee If only subscription had been the prevalent model, instead of advertising. Which is not to say I'm a fan of paywalls or other kinds of artificial scarcities

@spyro I came up with an ad hoc set of commands, using a phonetic alphabet to type the letters and something like sticky modifiers to use Ctrl, etc

@spyro github.com/alphacep/vosk-api running on CPU is fast, I find it much more responsive than the clouds, here it's running in the terminal: fars.ee/F9-b.mp4 The C API is straightforward and easy to use from any language

@spyro a keyboard replacement to replace the qwerty and relieve RSI, with some efficiency, previously I tried voice commands and learned to use FFI to call vosk

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