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恐怖谷 (福爾摩斯)的平克顿侦探完成卧底任务没有就地消失, 而是忍不住解释来龙去脉, 真是一大失误

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I found Matrix/Element’s killer feature: LaTeX rendering in messages


Kleptothermy: 通过抱抱获取热量

在🌍上看星星, 隔壁星系 Andromeda 比月亮还要大, 只不过太暗

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We had a breakthrough! Synapse can now horizontally scale across multiple Python processes, with message sending no longer going via the main proc. This has spectacularly improved perf on over the last few weeks🎉 Read all about it:

Speech recognition kit Vosk has supported quick reconfiguration of the vocabulary at runtime, so the pronunciation or audio quality doesn't need to be perfect as the program will try to match the word with the most similar sound in the given list. This makes Vosk suitable for building anything that accepts voice commands.

Rust binding just updated this feature to support a phrase list instead of a word list . (Based on upstream commit:

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Voice recognition with Rust running locally on a core of a 6-year old Intel CPU generating subtitles in real-time (

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