@cadey noted, thanks.

I'm not very surprised. That is coherent with the project's view that plain-text communications are enough for all of us nerds, living in our terminal emulators, and tiling window managers.

I've gotten an overall feeling of nostalgia for "simpler times" when checking out out the project.

Ah well, there are plenty other good (and more successful) platforms.


@oz @cadey how is plaintext not enough even in the browser for email. HTML emails are never sent by people, just automatic mailers in my box. Instead of asking those services to provide a checkbox to actually send plain text mail, your view is everyone should be okay with receiving HTML mail. Here is a training program by volunteers which shows how to send plain text mails, summertraining.readthedocs.io/

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@j605 “your view is everyone should be okay with receiving HTML mail”

Well, I did not write that, nor implied it. I think I can see where you are right now. It's ok to be angry at HTML, but I wouldn't send anyone to a camp where they will have to learn about the perils of HTML email. 🤣

Don't worry, I never send HTML emails because I've learned some netiquette 20 years ago. Still, *I* am OK with receiving HTML emails and think computers should not limit us here. 🤖

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