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The loss or damage of a cultural site is always a sad thing, but I'll be honest with you here. It's hard to feel bad about the Notre Dame fire. They have the means to fix it, so why worry?

Being on the receiving end of Europe's colonial project, my country's had countless cultural sites and relics destroyed and/or stolen. Our cultures and histories were erased, and Notre Dame is what hurts people. Nice.

I'll continue mourning for my people's irrevocable loss. No one else will.

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Time for your monthly mailing list membership reminder. Here’s your password in plaintext because we still haven’t updated mailman.

@JordiGH I make beans and rice, and then think about what veggies I could use for wok.

@JordiGH sorry, can you point me to the question or the statement this is trying to prove. Sorry if this is too noobish :)

@starwall who stores bread in the fridge anyway? :)

In order to force myself to find Tamil songs to listen to I am going through top 20 list on a radio station. This has pretty good.

Finally migrated to Hetzner cloud after Joyent announced their EOL for public cloud. Have to say, I have no idea what to do with 2G of RAM, hehe. All my things can run under 256M of RAM.

After reading this city-journal.org/decline-of-fa I can only say loneliness is real and people need to find whatever that works for them to have fruitful company.

@oz @cadey how is plaintext not enough even in the browser for email. HTML emails are never sent by people, just automatic mailers in my box. Instead of asking those services to provide a checkbox to actually send plain text mail, your view is everyone should be okay with receiving HTML mail. Here is a training program by volunteers which shows how to send plain text mails, summertraining.readthedocs.io/

@cadey @sir FWIW I have sent plain text emails from gmail's webmail and even from the android app. I don't think I have consciously made any settings changes to do this.

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Next time you build a website/blog thing that’s mostly static, especially if other people need to be able to use it to publish content, maybe give Lektor a try. I’ve had some success with it and it sure beats the pile of crap that is popular PHP content management systems.


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Firefox Containers are one of my biggest selling points of the browser, so I'm happy to announce my new add-on, 🦝 Trash Bear 🦝, which lets you open single-serving containers that get deleted after you close the tab. addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firef

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@minoru I would say systemd at least standardized these locations across distros so it is much nicer to learn once and use it everywhere :)

@lachs0r so are you willing to give out your mastodon id?

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@fribbledom FYI they are not going to choose discord as mhoye has mentioned elsewhere on the internet :)

@sir I was conflicted with the whole premise. I understand the need for supervision at a young age but there should be a limit. Surely real time location tracking is not it.

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