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@SolSoCoG On second thought, I might use this. It looks slick 😀

Cricket on my mind but I really need to study :|

@SolSoCoG Looks good but I am liking the tweetdeck style interface. Do you use the Halycon interface?

@sangy sorry I just misread your quote and took this opportunity for an unrelated rant 😶

@sangy exactly!!!

I had a recent corruption in root but emergency shell didn't work and I had to run around town trying to get a bootable disk. It only dawns on you at that point that your only device which can create a bootable disk is borked.

Ecological anxiety 

@JordiGH TBH a lot of people have the same thoughts with regards to veganism. I don't have such thoughts but it is entirely logical to think how so many people are oblivious to the damage all this is causing to Earth.

@soapdog sadly no Linux client but I could edit the export in a text editor and make it public :)

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@meskarune TBH I would still eat rice and lentils with or without money. I also realise being vegan, veggies and grains are some of the cheapest you can buy and still have a nice meal. I know my meals won't be fancy but at least I hope not to loathe them in the end.

I guess for some mac and cheese is a comfort food but it can be painful for others :(

@schubisu saving to watch for later. The start of the video had good translations though :)

@JordiGH @Limitcycle nice :) This should be in every interface!


@JordiGH People need to express their concerns in a thoughtful manner. Just berating someone will not result in any progress other than more feed for the ragemachine.

@soapdog Thanks for you feed list. I had a dilemma as to whether my feedlist should be public or not.

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We now have suggestions for people to have better privacy as part of #dgplug #summertraining Please share it with your friends and also tell us how to improve the guide.

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Hi everyone, this is Kushal Das, a privacy advocate and FOSS developer working on #SecureDrop at #Introduction

@julianruf I was trying to find this but found this toot from federated timeline :)

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The Florida Department of Corrections switched tech vendors, and now, due to DRM, inmates are set to lose access to the $11.3 million worth of music they purchased. source:

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