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@aral Wow. Let's have a human rights conference sponsored by tech companies that routinely provide data on dissidents or censorship services for counties that oppress human rights!

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Hah! Ich habe DAS Argument für Mastodon. Eure Nutzernamen sind noch verfügbar!

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@kuketzblog kann wer java und hat lust zdf support für NewPipe zu bauen?

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If you want to really de-googlify The Net, decentralized search engine should be the first step: yacy.net/

The sad thing is, YaCy's stuck in a spiral. It's not very usable as a everyday search because there's not enough peers and they can't index The Whole Internet, so people go away, the search has less peers, indexes less sites…

There is one use case where you add your favorite sites and get a truly personalized search, but again, one computer can't index the whole net.

I have no problem with slavery since I'm not a slave.

Ignorant arguments about privacy are raising such equasions in people like me. Are you still confident that doesn't matter, or "why even bother"?

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Calvin: “Sometimes when I'm talking my words can't keep up with my thoughts. I wonder why we think faster than we speak?…”

Hobbes: “Probably so we can think twice.”

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is not about something to hide, it's about something to lose.

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Seit heute ist Pixelfed im Fediverse 🤗pixelfed.social/p/dansup/23600
Das ist ungefähr so, wie wenn man als Twitter-Nutzer bei Instagram einen Facebook-Post kommentieren könnte, nur ohne Datenschutzprobleme.

Hab vorgestern die Empfehlung bekommen mir anzusehen, bin heute vormittag fertig geworden und immer noch unglaublich schwer beeindruckt! Definitive Suchtgefahr, kann ich also nur weiterempfehlen.

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Reicht alles nicht, um die Leute davon abzubringen, bzw. um die öffentlich-rechtlichen Sender davon abzubringen, massiv Werbung dafür zu machen:
Datenschutzverstöße bei Facebook, die dieses Jahr öffentlich geworden sind, bei Netzpolitik.org:

Auf von läuft gerade eine namens
"Die Welt des Xi Jinping"

Finde ich äußerst sehenswert.

Hoffentlich finde ich die Sendung demnächst auf um sie in voller Länge anzusehen!

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The thing is, all of us have used federated networks all our lives.

Telephones are federated, email is federated, the postal service is federated, telegrams and telegraphs (when they existed) were federated. People understood them and still do, as long as they've been exposed to such things.

Everyone knows you can phone anyone even if they're on a different phone company.

If you judge you will never understand, if you understand you will never judge.

“The skills involved in reflection are fundamental to all communication.”

Excerpt From: Aphrodite T. Matsakis. “Loving Someone with PTSD.“

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Hey #android programmers! Show more

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Is there a good, no-university-login, non-google alternative to scholar.google.com?

I use it on the regular, but would love to move away from google if possible.

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