I'm a geeky developer from The Netherlands, residing in the northern part.

My toots are usually about coffee, programming, foss, vegetarian food or mental health issues.

In my spare time I write, and help out at mental support groups.
Some of my time is dedicated to programming or writing music.
I'm multilingual, so say hi in your native language and I might learn something new.

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@martijn Ny konto? :)
Vel... velkomme tebake ;)

Had het ook in het Nederlands kunnen zeggen, maar dan had je er niks van kunnen leren :P

Hola! I don't get past 'como estas' and I've probably butchered that as well 😂

@martijn Not at all!! You said it perfectly :blobaww:

I am fine! I hope you are doing well 💜

@martijn 欢迎光临!("Welcome" in Simplified Chinese) Enjoy your time on this instance!

Hello, we were friends on my previous account on I've moved instances 🤗

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