@martijn Hi Martijn, now your main instance is back (federation between Friendica and GoToSocial doesn't really work yet) I can reply regarding this post (plantsand.coffee/@martijn/stat…) that 'nomadic identities' are implemented in Zap and Osada (among others), so they already do exist in the fediverse. From non-implementing platforms like Friendica and Mastodon these just look like two follows from two different accounts; and it shouldn't be impossible for other platforms on the fediverse to implement it as well.

Thanks! I was already up to speed on this, but forgot who implemented them and under what name. I'll take a look at how they implement it. Cool tech 🤗

@martijn great! I don't know how it's implemented, but there's something like a copiedTo attribute on profiles that a platform can use to understand nomadic identities (Mastodon already I think uses movedTo for similar things), but there's a lot more complicated stuff about keeping channels in sync.
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