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Habe einen Platz+Gepäck vom bis Leipzig Hbf frei (ohne Umwege). Fahre am Sonntag um ~9.30 Uhr los. Will jemand mit?

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We are looking for somebody who can have a look at a problem with the electronics of an electric wheel chair. If you think you can help, please report to heaven!


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This is very interesting: someone decided to FOIA the FBI for #OpenBSD and they got an answer! :flan_aww:


Despite requesting information about the alleged IPsec backdoor they got back information about a hack of cvs.openbsd.org and an OpenSSH exploit.

This means we still don't have an answer about IPsec :flan_set_fire:

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This time next month, you'll be able to `pkg install ghidra` on #HardenedBSD.

#Ghidra #infosec

Symbolbild Union-Politik vs. Grün.

Kohleraub geht um.
Er klaut das Gas und stiehlt das Licht,
raubt Strom und Kohle. Duldet's nicht!

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#FreeBSD makes progress on its W^X implementation. First up: Extending the mmap/mprotect API to specify max page protections:


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This could be handy: monitoring user-run commands on Linux in real-time github.com/itsKindred/procSpy #blueteam #redteam cc @kindredsec 👍

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The President of the #FreeBSD Foundation spent last night deliberately, knowingly, and willfully spreading misinformation about me and #HardenedBSD in a forum in which I cannot defend myself nor the project. A move typically done by fearful cowards.

He didn't even test his claims, easily proven false by a simple run of `paxtest`. Or, he did, and decided to ignore them to deliberately lie to the audience.

And this is the leader of the FreeBSD Foundation, peeps.


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