Reaction to submission of a stack overflow in the PHP bugtracker

Blog post "Attacking Jenkins":

I wrote down common mistakes and security problems I encountered during reviews of build systems based on . Credits for review: @carloz_spicey

Thank you @LinkedIn for you suggestions. But I think I'll stay with offensive security...

Uploaded my slides from "Attacking Jenkins" talk at :, blogpost will follow during the next days.

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If you have a .org domain name: go renew it now. For the full 10 years.

Registration rights for .org were just bought by a private equity firm. And as part of that contract, the price caps were removed.

Anything in .org will get much more expensive, soon.

A ten year renewal will cost you a bit over a hundred bucks. Which is probably less than one year will cost you in the very near future.

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re: Q: networking infrastructure recommendation, long 

McAfee seems so normal talking about blockchain, wearing a suit, while in the projected picture in the background he seems to wear a bath robe.

As if no-wifi signs in hotel lobby were not enough. Now, you people are being in my face about it.

Btw, credits for jeopardy desktop software, used at are overdue:

Reveal.js killer feature: writing slides in Markdown and able to make complex stuff with HTML. Made my day.

Soldering spots still hold, which I learned not to take for granted. Looks like the hardware setup is ready for hacker jeopardy.

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Habe einen Platz+Gepäck vom bis Leipzig Hbf frei (ohne Umwege). Fahre am Sonntag um ~9.30 Uhr los. Will jemand mit?

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